If you wish to continue studying at Saarland University, you must always re-register for the following semester. Re-registration is effected by paying the required semester fee within the specified period. Students who do not re-register will be deregistered at the end of the semester.

You will be re-registered once we have received your payment, unless your re-registration has been blocked. Re-registration may be blocked for a number of reasons, including: you have switched to another health insurance provider, you have passed you final examination. If re-registration has been blocked, you might need to send us an up-to-date certificate of health insurance from your health insurance provider or you might need to apply to change your enrolment details. Other steps might need to be taken depending on why your re-registration has been blocked.

Re-registration period for winter semester 2021/22

  • Re-registration period: 10 June to 31 July 2021
  • Late re-registration: 03 August to 17 September 2021

Semester fee rates

More information on the semester fee rates for regular students and on the fees that non-enrolled students (Gasthörer), senior citizen students and cross-enrolled students (Zweithörer) need to pay, can be found under fees. If you re-register late, you will incur an additional late re-registration charge of €19.

Bank details

Account holder: Universität des Saarlandes
IBAN: DE19 5919 0000 0000 33 0000
Bank: Bank1Saar

Purpose of payment: When completing the bank transfer form, please complete the payment purpose field (Verwendungszweck) as follows: write your student registration number (Matrikelnummer) starting at the leftmost character space on the upper line, then leave a blank space before adding your first name, surname, your date of birth and specify the semester you are re-registering for.

Students taking a conversion Master's degree programme or who are enrolled in a post-graduate training or further education programme (Zusatz-, Ergänzungs-, Aufbaustudiengang) also include the reference number (Titelnummer) on the second line of the payment purpose field (if available).

As it can take several days for payments to be credited to the university's account, please initiate payment early enough to ensure that the money will be received by the university within the re-registration period.

Cross-enrolled students (Zweithörer)

Please submit a certificate of enrolment for the semester you are re-registering for issued by the university where you are primarily enrolled. In addition, you must submit a new cross-enrolment approval slip (Zweithörerschaftsgenehmigung) issued by the Dean responsible at Saarland University, unless the cross-enrolment approval slip that has already been issued is valid for the semester you are re-registering for.

If you are primarily enrolled at a cooperating partner university in Rhineland Palatinate as part of the 'Universitätsverbund Südwest' initiative (South-West University Alliance), you do not have to pay any fees at Saarland University. However, if you wish to obtain a Saarland University semester travel ticket, you will need to pay the amount due. In this case, please mention that you have voluntarily purchased a semester travel ticket when you submit your new certificate of enrolment.

Part-time students

If you have studied part-time in the previous semester, you cannot re-register automatically by paying the semester fee. In this case, we first need to know whether you will be studying full-time again in the coming semester or whether you will submit a new application to study part-time.

Amending your student data

You are required to inform the Admissions Office within the re-registration period if

  • your address has changed,
  • you have changed your nationality,
  • you completed your academic programme during the last semester or if your right of examination has been definitively revoked.

Please use the Additional Information for Re-registration form.

If you change your address, you can notify the university online at any time.

Submission of supplementary documents

Additional documents and forms regarding your re-registration can be sent by post or you can leave them in the mailbox in front of building A5 3. Please always state your student registration number in the accompanying letter.

Validating your Saarland University Card (UdS Card)

At least one week after the university has received your payment, you may (re-)validate your UdS Card for the coming semester at one of the validation terminals located around campus. Certificates (e.g. certificate of enrolment, BAFöG certificate) can be printed out in the SIM portal.

Admissions Office

Saarbrücken Campus
Building A4 2, Ground floor
Phone: +49 681 302-5491

Admissions Office