Academic ranking

Saarland University in national and international comparison

Saarland University makes its presence felt in national and international ranking tables thanks to its clear international focus, its strong research capabilities and its successful knowledge transfer programmes. Academic teaching at Saarland University is highly regarded due to the support services offered to German and international students and to the university's drive to continuously improve online and digital teaching. 

Studying and teaching at Saarland University – the international perspective

With its highly international campus, impressive levels of international student mobility, both out-bound and in-bound, and its high proportion of international students and staff, Saarland University regularly achieves impressive results in Germany's CHE University Ranking, CHE's international U-Multirank survey and in the International Student Barometer. Saarland University offers a wide range of international Bachelor's and Master's degrees in cooperation with partners from across Europe, as well as advanced professional study programmes with a distinct international focus.

Research and knowledge transfer

According to the German Research Foundation's Funding Atlas, Saarland University is one of the most active universities in Germany in terms of acquiring external research funding. The Saarbrücken campus is home to an unusually high number of scientific institutions, affiliated institutes (including MPI, HIPS, INM) and research centres, creating close ties between teaching and research and fostering cooperation with partners from industry and business. Saarland University regularly ranks highly in international ranking tables, such as the QS World University Ranking, thanks to the strength of its research publication record.  

Saarland University is also a highly successful business incubator. The wide range of innovative support services in the areas knowledge and technology transfer and entrepreneurship have yielded an impressive track record of patents and publications with partners in the private sector. As a result, Saarland University scores particularly highly in terms of alumni start-ups (see, for example, the CHE's international U-Multirank survey). 

Student support services

Students at Saarland University are very satisfied with the support services available to them in the early stages of their studies (CHE University Ranking). According to the CHE's international U-Multirank survey, students and teaching staff express a high level of satisfaction with the IT infrastructure used for digital and online teaching activities. Saarland University also scores highly in terms of the student-teacher ratio in its Master's degree programmes.

Current ranking scores

Physik im CHE-Ranking

Die Physik-Studiengänge erhielten sowohl studienorganisatorisch als auch bei der Betreuung durch Lehrende, bei infrastrukturellen Daten (IT-Infrastruktur, Bibliotheken, Lehr- und Laborräume) und beim Prüfungswesen im deutschlandweiten Standortvergleich Bestnoten. Bei allen einbezogenen Indikatoren lagen die Urteile der Studierenden über dem Bundesdurchschnitt.

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Pharmazie im CHE-Ranking

Das Fach Pharmazie glänzt neben der allgemeinen Studienorganisation auch bei der Raumausstattung, vor allem bei der Ausstattung der Praktikumslabore sowie der Bibliothek. Strukturell liegen sehr gute Quoten bei der Studienabschlussdauer sowie eine hohe Promotionsquote und Zitierreichweite vor.

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Chemie im CHE-Ranking

Im Fach Chemie hoben die Studierenden neben der Unterstützung zu Studienbeginn die Studienorganisation sowie die methodischen Kompetenzen heraus. Das fachwissenschaftliche Kompetenzprofil sowie die Labore erhielten ebenfalls gute Bewertungen. Die Promotionsquote ist im bundesweiten Vergleich besonders hoch.

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Biologie im CHE-Ranking

In der Biologie bewerteten die Studierenden der Universität des Saarlandes die Studienorganisation, die Unterstützung für ein Auslandsstudium und  das fachwissenschaftliche Kompetenzprofil besonders gut. Auch die allgemeine Studiensituation, die Laborpraktika sowie die Bibliothekssituation wurden auf die Spitzenplätze gesetzt. Aufgrund der Strukturdaten wurde die Studiendauer im Bachelor- und Masterbereich besonders gut bewertet.

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Informatik im CHE-Ranking

Die Informatik liegt in entscheidenden Kategorien wie der allgemeinen Studiensituation, der Unterstützung am Studienanfang und der Bibliotheksausstattung in der Spitzengruppe, beim Lehrangebot belegt sie sogar den zweiten Platz. Hervorgehoben werden u.a. die Studienorganisation, die Studiensituation, das qualitativ hohe Lehrangebot sowie die digitalen Lehre und die Ausstattung der Lehrräume.

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Financial Auditing – Manager Magazin

Manager Magazin has for the third time ranked Saarland University as one of Germany's top universities for financial auditing. In its analysis of the best universities in Germany to study financial auditing in the academic year 2024/25, the influential business magazine awarded Saarland University a rating of 'very good', ranking it 11th in Germany.

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Highly Cited Researchers 2023

Thanks to their excellent citation impact score, four professors at Saarland University – Michael Böhm, Alexey Gurevich, Andreas Keller and Volker Presser – were included in the list of 'Highly Cited Researchers' for 2023.

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Master's degree Business Administration – CHE University Ranking

The Master's degree programme in Business Administration at Saarland University's was very highly rated in the CHE University Ranking 2023. In particular, the key indicators 'General study environment', 'Programme structure and organization', 'Range and content of courses offered' and the 'Transition to the Master's programme' all received excellent ratings from students. 

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B.Sc. Business Economics – CHE University Ranking

The B.Sc. degree programme 'Business Economics' at Saarland University ranks very highly in terms of the support provided to students at the start of their studies and in terms of research funding per member of academic staff. It also receives above-average scores in the following areas: quality of the support and supervision provided by teaching staff, range and content of the courses and modules offered, structure and organization of the degree programme, and quality of library facilities.

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Business Informatics – CHE University Ranking

Saarland University's Business Informatics programme is one of the best in Germany when it comes to providing support and guidance to students at the start of their studies.

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Law – CHE University Ranking

Saarland University's Law degree programme scored very highly in terms of the support provided to students at the beginning of their studies and in the support provided to students preparing for the state examinations in law (revision courses, mock exams, etc.). The students who responded to the CHE survey highlighted the excellent structure and organization of the degree programme and the quality of the library facilities. They also expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the general study environment, the range of courses on offer and the support provided by the teaching staff.

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AMASE and EEIGM – CHE-University Ranking

Students on the international Master's programme AMASE and the German-French Master's EEIGM praised the strong practical focus of the Master's thesis projects (around 40% of these research projects are supervised jointly with research partners in industry). Respondents also highlighted the fact that they had access to excellent technical equipment and instrumentation during their Master's programme.

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Materials Science and Engineering – CHE University Ranking

The M.Sc. Programme 'Materials Science and Engineering' received particularly high scores from students for the general study environment, the support and supervision provided by teaching staff, the international dimension of the programme and for its structure and organization. They also praised the interdisciplinary nature of the programme, which succeeds in combining scientific and engineering fundamentals with practical applications of the material learned.

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Saarland University in CHE's international U-Multirank survey

According to the international ranking system U-Multirank, Saarland University rates 'very good' in eleven of the 33 assessment criteria and 'good' in a further six. The survey compared more than 1,900 universities in 97 countries. Saarland University was ranked among the top institutions in the areas 'Research', 'Knowledge transfer' and 'International orientation'.

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Saarland University – DFG Funding Ranking

According to the German Research Foundation's Funding Ranking, Saarland University ranks 39th out of 225 universities in terms of external research funding acquired. Of particular note is the excellent ranking position achieved on the basis of individual research funding grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC), where Saarland University moved up from 36th to 5th position in this category.

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Computer Science – CHE University Ranking

Saarland University's computer science programmes are top rated for the support offered to students at the start of their studies and for the technical equipment and infrastructure in classrooms and lab facilities. The programmes were also very highly ranked in numerous research-related categories, such as the amount of external funding received per member of scientific staff, the number of publications and the number of doctorates awarded per professorial chair.

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