Facts and figures

International partners

  • 550 partner higher education institutions in
  • 52 countries around the world are our partners. In Europe, we work in partnership with
  • 240 partner universities,
  • 41 of which are in France alone. Outside of Europe, we are in partnership with
  • 46 partner universities from Australia to the USA and partnerships with
  • 10 higher education institutions in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the Russian Federation and the Caucasus.

International students

  • 3,320 foreigners study at our university *), accounting for about 20% of our students. Among which are:
  • 398 from France
  • 396 from India
  • 299 from China
  • 214 from Syria
  • 149 from Luxemburg
  • 120 from Iran
  • 107 from Italy
  • 100 from Pakistan
  • more...

Professors and research assistants

  • About 23 % of our research assistants and
  • about 7 % of our professors come from abroad.


  • About 270 of our students travel and study abroad every year thanks to Erasmus.
  • About 280 students come from abroad to our university every year thanks to Erasmus.
  • About 40 of our students and doctoral candidates are supported by the scholarship programme UdS mobil every year.

Details and additional information

*) The figures only take into account the students regularly enrolled and taken a full-time study programme. This does not include students who study at Saarland University in the framework of one or two semesters abroad or participate in an exchange programme. Last update: winter semester 2021/2022