Saarland University regards internationality as a core component of its academic quality assurance objectives and as a key driver of its competitiveness in the higher education sector. Our internationalization strategy aims to secure Saarland University's position within the international higher education landscape and to ensure the quality of its research and teaching activities in an increasingly competitive global environment. In addition, we aim to pool our international collaborative activities and projects for maximum strategic impact. To meet these challenges, Saarland University has developed two policy and implementation instruments:

Saarland University's internationalization strategy

Saarland University has adopted an internationalization strategy that aims to meet the challenges and demands of growing globalization in the higher education sector. Its objectives include securing Saarland University's position within the international higher education landscape, ensuring the quality of its diverse research and academic teaching activities and strategically pooling its international collaborative projects and partnerships.

Vice-President for Internationalization and European Relations

Dominik Brodowski
Office: International Relations
Phone: +49 681 302-71100

International Relations Division

Johannes Abele and Sonja Karb-Ressing
Phone: +49 681 302-71100
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