The Trilingual Campus project at Saarland University, which covers the three languages German, English and French, was launched in 2017 by the University Senate's Internationalization Committee. The aim of the project is to remove existing language barriers so that it is easier for international students, researchers, scholars and staff to participate in university life, thus strengthening the welcoming and inclusive campus environment.

This involves the translation of administrative forms, study and examination regulations, information leaflets and other documents as required. The translation work, which includes rigorous quality assurance procedures, also helps to establish a corporate language at Saarland University. The translations are carried out by an established network of highly qualified translators.

As part of the Trilingual Campus project, Saarland University has been cooperating with htw saar (Saarland University of Applied Sciences) since 2018. The project is funded by the Saarland state government.