The Trilingual Campus at Saarland University was launched by the University Senate's Internationalization Committee in February 2017 and has been funded by the Saarland state government since the beginning of 2018. The aim is to remove existing language barriers so that it is easier for international students, researchers, scholars and staff to participate in university life, thus strengthening the university's welcoming and inclusive campus environment.

The three languages – German, English and French – reflect the university's international focus and its particular strengths.

Part of our work involves the translation of important administrative forms, study and examination regulations, information leaflets as well as web pages and intranet content.

In addition to our translation services, our terminology management work and quality assurance services are helping to build a common 'corporate language' at Saarland University. Our objective is to deliver long-term, sustainable language solutions for members of the university.

The Trilingual Campus team is part of the Internationalization Unit within the university's International Relations Division (IB). Since February 2018, Saarland University has been cooperating with htw saar as part of the Trilingual Campus initiative. The university is also an active member of the national university translators' network (Netzwerk der Hochschulübersetzer).