Early career researchers

Support services and facilities for early career researchers

Joint federal and regional funding programme to promote early career researchers (WISNA)

WISNA is a joint federal and regional funding programme with a budget of one billion euros that aims to create 1000 new tenure-track professorships in Germany for researchers in the early stages of their research careers. At Saarland University, a total of thirteen tenure-track professorships have been funded spread across almost all university faculties.


PROWIS – Networking and support programme for post-doctoral researchers

The ProWis programme at Saarland University offers a wide range of activities to help post-doctoral researchers develop core skills, gain additional qualifications and expand their professional networks so that they can shape their post-PhD career paths as effectively as possible – regardless of whether their future career is in academia or in the public or business sectors.


GradUS – Saarland University's interdisciplinary support centre for doctoral students

GradUS is a support and networking programme for all doctoral students at Saarland University. It offers doctoral research students the opportunity to acquire additional skills and qualifications and actively promotes a collaborative, interdisciplinary and internationally informed environment for doctoral research at Saarland University.



Christian Humm