Documents to be submitted for your enrolment

If you have received a letter of admission, you must apply for enrolment in the SIM portal by uploading the required documents mentioned below. It is imperative that you adhere to the enrolment deadline stated in the letter of admission. If you do not apply for enrolment within this period, your admission will become invalid.

If you would like to enrol for a degree programme that is not subject to entry restrictions, you can enrol for the winter semester until the end of September and for the summer semester until the end of March in the SIM portal by uploading the required documents mentioned below.

If you are already enrolled at Saarland University but you want, for example, to change your subject area or degree programme and you therefore apply for amending your enrolment data in the SIM portal, it is sufficient to upload only the documents that are marked as mandatory.

Your application for enrolment can only be processed if you upload all the required documents in the SIM portal within the stipulated time frame:

a) Identity card or passport

b) A passport photo in jpg-format, minimum resolution 248 x 330 pixels. Click the following link for a brief guide on uploading your passport photo.

c) Letter of admission for a study programme at Saarland University (not applicable for non-restricted entry degree programmes).

d) All pages of your higher education entrance qualification (e.g. 'Abitur') and, for documents in languages other than German, English or French, an officially certified translation into German, English or French. Please merge all pages in a single file.

International applicants who do not have a German higher education entrance qualification: If you wish to enrol for a non-restricted entry Bachelor's programme or in the state-examined programme German Law, you need to also submit the preliminary review documentation from uni-assist.

German nationals who do not have a German higher education entrance qualification: Please also upload the official notification of recognition from the Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture.

e) Proof of health insurance coverage

f) Proof of payment of fees. The fees comprise the semester fee (social contribution incl. semester travel ticket) and, if applicable, the tuition fees. Click the following link for the current semester fee rates. Please transfer the entire amount to the bank account of Saarland University.

When completing the bank transfer form, please complete the payment purpose field (Verwendungszweck) in the following order: your personal ID or student registration number (also from a previous enrolment at Saarland University) or user name (which you received when registering in the SIM application portal, in the format 'B0012345') followed by your first and family name(s) and your date of birth.

Students on advanced professional study programmes: Please submit proof of payment of the course fee of the degree programme, unless you are exempted from the payment obligation. For further information on the course fee and the modalities of the payment, please refer to your letter of admission.

Students who have reached the age of 55 have to pay a fee of €400 in addition to the semester fee. You do not have to pay the fee if you are registered in the category 'doctorate with previous degree'.

Your application for enrolment can only be processed upon receipt of the fees. Please note that receipt of payment may take a few days due to bank processing time.

g) Applies only to students enrolling for a Master's or doctoral degree programme or for advanced professional study programmes (e.g. LL.M. or MBA): In addition to the above-mentioned documents you have to upload a degree certificate of previous higher education studies (or equivalent) as well as an official translation into German or English (if the original language of the document is not already German or English).

h) If applicable, proof of sufficient German language skills. This proof can only be demonstrated by providing a specific academic or language certificate.

i) If applicable, proof of de-registration from your previous German higher education institution. Your application for enrolment for a degree programme, for which admission quotas are set for all German universities (e.g. medicine, pharmacy and dentistry), will be rejected if you are already enrolled in the degree programme at another German university. This does not apply to cross-enrolled students (Zweithörer) or if your enrolment at Saarland University does not affect the admission entitlement of other applicants as defined in Art. 12 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (GG).

Additional documents for specific applicant groups

Degree programmes Sport Science and Physical Education

For the degree programme in Sport Science, the school teaching subjects Physical Education as well as in the specialist subject Physical Education (primary education), enrolment is only possible upon presentation of the DOSB Sports Badge in silver, which may not be older than 18 months. If you would like to obtain recognition of other certificates, please contact the Sports Science Institute of Saarland University and enclose the relevant certificates.

Higher-level entry to a non-restricted entry programme

If you wish to enrol for the second or higher study semester of a non-restricted entry programme, please additionally submit the following documents:

  • Certificate of enrolment (containing the name of the degree programme and subject semester) from your previous higher education institution
  • Formal record of recognition of prior learning issued by the Examination Office
Parallel enrolment

If you are enrolled in a restricted entry programme at Saarland University and would also like to enrol in another restricted entry programme, you will need to upload a statement explaining your reasons for the parallel enrolment. More information is available at: Parallel enrolment

Studying part-time

If you have questions on studying part-time, please refer to the website containing information on studying part-time. If you are interested in studying part-time, please apply for studying part-time to your Examination Office right after you have been enrolled.

Cross-enrolled students

More information is available here: Cross-enrolled students

PhD / Doctoral studies

To enrol for a PhD / doctoral studies programme (after having completed your first degree), you additionally need to submit:

  • a certificate issued by the responsible Dean's office in accordance with Section 3(5) of the Regulations Governing Student Enrolment at Saarland University, confirming that you meet the admission requirements for doctoral studies
  • your university degree certificate or state examination of your previous studies

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