Cross-enrolled students

A student who is enrolled at another higher education institution, in particular a university within the UniGR alliance, which covers the regions Saarland (Germany), Lorraine (France), Luxembourg, Wallonia (Belgium) and Rhineland Palatinate (Germany), may be admitted to study at Saarland University as a cross-enrolled student (Zweithörer).

Cross-enrolled students must meet the admission requirements specified in the relevant study regulations and must demonstrate that they have a legitimate interest in seeking cross-enrolled status (e.g. because certain courses are not offered at their own university). Cross-enrolled students are allowed to attend certain courses or modules at Saarland University and to take the corresponding examinations and assessments.


Please complete the cross-enrolment application form. If your cross-enrolled status has not been approved for the following semesters, you will need to apply for approval for each additional semester. Once approval has been granted, you can enrol as a cross-enrolled student, stating the courses/modules you wish to take. There is no enrolment deadline. The fees to be paid are explained on the web page Student-services charge and other fees.