Cross-enrolled students

A student who is enrolled at another higher education institution, in particular a university within the UniGR alliance, which covers the regions Saarland (Germany), Lorraine (France), Luxembourg, Wallonia (Belgium) and Rhineland Palatinate (Germany), may be admitted to study at Saarland University as a cross-enrolled student (Zweithörer).

Cross-enrolled students must meet the admission requirements specified in the relevant study regulations and must demonstrate that they have a legitimate interest in seeking cross-enrolled status (e.g. because certain courses are not offered at their own university). Cross-enrolled students are allowed to attend certain courses or modules at Saarland University and to take the corresponding examinations and assessments.


Enrolment applications must be submitted via the SIM portal. There is no enrolment deadline. The fees to be paid are explained in the relevant section of the fees web page.

Required documents

To enrol you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Certificate of enrolment from the other university
  • Higher education entrance qualification
  • Proof of health insurance cover from a German statutory health insurance provider
  • Proof of payment of the semester fee (not applicable to students enrolled at a university within the South-West University Alliance (Südwestverbund) or the University of the Greater Region (UniGR))
  • A passport photograph in .jpg or .jpeg format
  • Cross-enrolment application form (completed form must be uploaded in the SIM portal)

Re-registration for cross-enrolled students

Re-registration applications must be submitted via the SIM portal.

If you are cross-enrolled for a restricted-admission programme but your cross-enrolled status has not been approved for the following semesters, you will need to apply for approval for each additional semester. To request an extension, please download the application form to extend cross-enrolled status.

Additional information

If you are currently cross-enrolled but you intend to change your status so that in future you are only enrolled at Saarland University, you will need to reapply for admission (if you plan to study a restricted-admission programme) or request a change of student status (in the case of non-restricted entry programmes). Both applications must made in the SIM portal.

You will then need to provide your higher education entrance qualification and proof that you have the required level of language proficiency (e.g. for German, the DSH-2 certificate). Please note that you will not be able to switch from cross-enrolled to solely enrolled status unless you provide (i) a higher education entrance qualification that is appropriate to your intended study programme, and (ii) proof of adequate proficiency in German (as stipulated by the relevant regulations at Saarland University). Students on a restricted-admission study programme who wish to change from cross-enrolled to solely enrolled status must reapply for admission, but no guarantee of acceptance can be given.

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New applicants

If you have any questions about using the SIM portals, please check out our SIM Saarland help pages where you will find lots of useful information, videos and step-by-step guides on issues such as how to log in, how to submit an application, etc.

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