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How much is the administrative charge?

The administrative charge is 50€. Part-time students also pay the administrative charge of 50€ per semester.


Who has to pay the administrative charge?

All students, as well as German course participants and higher education preparatory institute participants, must pay the administrative charge each semester.

Students in fee-paying postgraduate courses and certificates as well as junior students, registered Phd students, students with non-enrolled status (Gasthörer) and cross-enrolled students (Zweithörer) within the framework of the Südwestverbund are exempt.

Also exempt are students in the respective semester upon application,

  • if they are completing practical study semesters or semesters abroad as defined in the study and examination regulations (in this case, a corresponding certificate from the relevant examination office or an admission notification or a certificate of enrolment from the foreign higher education institution must be submitted),
  • if they are on leave of absence for at least one semester. In this case, the application for leave of absence must already have been approved.
Can I be exempted from paying?

You can apply for exemption if one of the following reasons applies:

  • You receive BAföG. Please submit your current BAföG notification with your application.
  • You are caring for and raising your own (natural or adopted) child who has not yet reached the age of ten at the beginning of the semester. Please submit the child's birth certificate with your application as proof.
  • You are disabled within the meaning of the ninth book of the German social code (SGB IX). Please enclose an appropriate proof with your application, e.g. a disability certificate with a degree of disability of at least 50.
  • You care for a close relative according to the nursing care act. The proof of a care insurance or of a medical service to be submitted must contain the name of the person providing the care.
  • You are taking maternity leave according to the statutory provisions. Please submit an appropriate proof, e.g. a medical certificate of the expected date of delivery or the maternity passport with the corresponding entry (later, if applicable, the child's birth certificate).
  • You are taking parental leave in accordance with the provisions of the federal parental allowance and parental leave act (Bundeselterngeldgesetz und Elternzeitgesetz). Appropriate evidence such as the child's birth certificate, details of the period applied for, etc. must be enclosed. In the case of foster children, you must also submit a certificate from the youth welfare office.
  • You are enrolled as a foreign student within the framework of agreements at state, federal or international level or on the basis of higher education agreements that guarantee exemption from fees.
Which application form do I need and where do I submit the application including all supporting documents?

Please scan the completed application for exemption (in German) with all supporting documents and submit these as pdf documents by e-mail to studium(at)

In case you apply for exemption from the administrative charge after you have already made a payment, you must also submit an application for refund (in German). All documents have to be submitted electronically and not in paper form.

I would like to spend a semester at a university abroad, but I don't want to take a leave of absence. Is that possible?

You can apply for exemption from the administrative charge if you have an admission notification or a certificate of enrolment from the foreign university for the semester in question.


I am studying at Saarland University and also at another university in Saarland. Do I have to pay the administrative charge at both universities?

No, the administrative charge only has to be paid once in total. However, the fee must be divided equally between the participating universities.

Example: You are studying music at the HfM and German and educational sciences at Saarland University. This means that you would only have to pay a proportional administrative charge (in this case 25€) in addition to the other fees at Saarland University.

I am deregistered. Will the administrative charge be refunded to me?

This depends on the date of deregistration. If the deregistration takes place within two months after the start of the semester, i.e. before 30 November for a winter semester or before 31 May for a summer semester, the administrative charge will be refunded by application.


Are there criteria for application under the exceptional hardship scheme?

In principle, decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. The "undue hardship" referred to in §5 of the fee regulation is based on the student's economic or financial hardship. In an informal application, the student must explain the financial hardship and provide appropriate evidence.

Proof of own income, own salary statements or salary statements of dependants (e.g. parents, spouse) must be submitted. In the case of self-employed persons, the tax return of the previous year must be submitted (if applicable, also from the parents). The informal application must be be sent with the required evidence as a pdf document by e-mail to studium(at)

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