Universitätsverbund Südwest (South-West University Alliance)

Since 1999, the universities of Kaiserslautern, Koblenz-Landau, Saarland and Trier have been working closely together in the areas of academic teaching, higher education learning, continuing education and professional development and research. As a result of this inter-university agreement, students can attend courses and classes not only at their home university, but also at the three other universities, provided that they meet the existing course prerequisites. This provides students with access to study opportunities that complement those offered at their home institution.

The enrolment regulations have been compiled so that students from the four universities can enrol at one or more of the partner universities without needing to provide a statement of reasons and without incurring additional costs. However, please note that students enrolled at another university within the Universitätsverbund Südwest will not be issued with the semester travel ticket associated with that partner institution. Credits earned from coursework and from student assessments and examinations will be mutually recognized once course or module equivalence has been established. It is recommended that you obtain information on credit transfer arrangements from the relevant examination board at your home university.