Workshop "Introduction to R"

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to the statistic software R, and the user interface RStudio. We will start the workshop by learning about the basic functioning principles of R, RStudio, and RMarkdown documents. Subsequently, we will get to the following topics:

  • data management
  • descriptive statistics
  • overview of common statistical methods

You will actively participate in the workshop and get the chance to practice writing the required R code. This workshop is aimed to provide knowledge for (nearly) first-time users of R who would like to use R in their own research for data management, analysis, and visualization and/or who need an understanding of working with R to assist and evaluate undergraduate students’ theses. The workshop will equip you to manage and describe data in R. Still, you will also be able to quickly expand your knowledge of inferential statistical methods that cannot be covered in an introductory one-day workshop.

No prior knowledge is required, but please make sure to install the latest version of R and RStudio prior to the workshop.

Despite this description being in English (as is typical for the GPP), the workshop will be held in German.

Date: Friday, 8th July 2022
Time: 9-17 hrs.
Venue: Konferenzraum "Gerstner" in the Science Park 2, Building D1 2


Lisa Peuckmann,  Research Group Applied Statistical Modelling, Department of Psychology, Saarland University