YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel documents conversations of the Minor Universality research team with internationally-renowned scientists from a transdisciplinary perspective. The exchanges address the central questions: How can we think universality after the necessary epistemic and ethic critical critique of western universalism? How do contemporary cultural and social practices, such as oral transmissions, narrations of the self and social media, literatures, art and curatorial practice, architectures and museums, self-organised spaces and cultural festivals, open up local settings so as to create a new embodied awareness of humanity?


The channel on YouTube


Universalisme & Révolution. Entretien avec Leyla Dakhli


Universalisme & histoires concrètes. Entretien avec Giovanni Levi


Universalisme & savoir(s). Entretien avec Gisèle Sapiro


Universalisme & multilatéralisme. Entretien avec Souleymane Bachir Diagne


Universalism & the partisan position. A Conversation with Arjun Appadurai


Universalism & narration. A Conversation with Adania Shibli

Universalisme & préhistoire. Entretien avec Maria Stavrinaki

Universalism & reparation. A conversation with David Scott