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Transform4Europe-Zertifikate: Lehrveranstaltungen gesucht

Im Rahmen der Transform4Europe-Allianz werden von den Partnerhochschulen gemeinsam drei Bachelor-Zertifikate für Studierende aller Fachrichtungen entwickelt. In einem ersten Pilotdurchlauf sollen diese im kommenden Sommersemester getestet werden. Alle Partnerhochschulen sind herzlich eingeladen, Moduel dazu beizutragen. In einem ersten Schritt sammelt unsere Partneruniversität in Katowice Veranstaltungen, die zumindest teilweise während der Transform4Europe Week vom 9. – 13. Mai 2022 durchgeführt werden können. Bitte füllen Sie das Formular aus, wenn Sie sich beteiligen möchten.

Weitere Informationen haben wir im Folgenden auf Englisch aufgeführt. Selbstverständlich können Sie auch das Projektteam an der Universität kontaktieren, bitte wenden Sie sich an carola.hodyas@uni-saarland.de.

Dear professors and lecturers,

Thank you for your interest in offering yourmodule as part of the Transform4Europe Week, which will take place from 9th of May 2022 to 13th of May 2022 in Katowice, Poland.

For the five-day event, the Transform4Europe Alliance is looking for professors and lecturers who would like to offer one of their classes to the international audience of students from the seven partner universities. The courses offered should be related to at least one of the core areas of the Transform4Europe alliance:

Different models of teaching are possible, such as teaching on site in Katowice (teaching mobility within the framework of Erasmus+) or online teaching in the corresponding time slot during the Transform4Europe Week. The preparation and follow-up of the programme of the week should additionally be done online, so that students can earn ECTS. Due to the international target group, the courses should be offered in English.

Your opportunities and advantages:

  • Be part of the first edition of the Transform4Europe Week
  • Profit from the comprehensive supporting programme which includes workshops, cultural and social events
  • Build networks with your colleagues from the Transform4Europe alliance
  • Teach an international audience in a physical class in your area of expertise
  • Travel costs will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme

Please note: If you are not able to travel to Katowice, you may also hold the course in an online format as long as it fits into the timeframe of the programme which foresees 4 hours of teaching in the morning.

The Transform4Europe alliance is looking forward to your offered classes.

Register your classes in this form.

For further information on the Transform4Europe Week, please visit the corresponding website.

Transform4Europe Week - Let´s meet at the University of Silesia!

9–13 may 2022 | Poland

A few days – is that enough to get to know each other better? We will check it during the first Transform4Europe Week. It is one of the events initiated by our European University. During this time, instead of classes and lectures, there will be meetings, conversations, workshops, shows and many other events so that we can learn more about us.

The organiser of the pilot edition is the University of Silesia in Katowice. In May 2022 we will invite to Poland students, PhD students, as well as academic  and non-academic staff representing each of the alliance’s universities.

Five days will be filled with a rich offer of master classes, joint research projects, didactic classes, excursions, workshops and artistic events. We will have a chance to learn alliance languages as part of the Languages for Lunch initiative. Afternoon meetings will allow us to get to know the local art and culture better. Concerts and thematic evenings will be organized in cooperation with the Student Government at the University of Silesia. Evening attractions will take place both in clubs and in outdoor locations. It is worth noting that Transform4Europe Week is also an online meeting prepared for the whole academic community of our European University. You are interested? Get more information.



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