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T4EU Week in Kaunas March 20-25: Vytautas Magnus University

Students are you ready to dive into the world of re-used and re-purposed heritage from Cold War? Transform4Europe invites you to join us for our Mobility Week on March 20th-25th hosted by Vytautas Magnus University. This year's focus is on dealing with the challenging legacies of modernity and the Cold War. Our course will offer in-depth theoretical analysis and case studies on topics such as nationalism, colonialism, and heritage.

The 5-day programme will include visits to heritage sites, museums, urban and architectural walks, military and industrial sites, film screenings, workshops, and discussions. From an academic perspective, the heritage field will be explored in a critical and transdisciplinary context with a focus on local, national, and global aspects. You'll have the chance to discuss the diversity of engagements with the past, and social and environmental sustainability.

Don't miss this opportunity to develop the skills necessary to define heritage issues and articulate a personal understanding by developing a case study on a selected locality, community, and issue. Join us as we explore heritage as a modern concept and its transformations.

Register now and experience it all for yourself!

Apply here


Open Dual Lecture Entrepreneurial & Academic scope of Sustainable Tourism

In-person attendance: Sala de Conferencias, edificio San Fernando 40, Sede UA
Online / virtual attendance: https://vertice.cpd.ua.es/seden
Registration: https://cvnet.cpd.ua.es/uaCuestionarios/preguntas.aspx?idcuestionario=159838&idioma=en



Intensive International Programme: INTERCOM - Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy

The aim of the programme is to bring together students from EU and non-EU countries and to provide them with a broad introduction to intercultural communication and diplomacy, as well as familiarize with Polish culture. The Programme is a great chance to master key-concepts and gain practical know-how on intercultural communication, diplomacy, and international affairs. The Programme is FREE OF CHARGE and will be conducted in a blended formula (online + a study visit). Each participant will be granted a scholarship of 5000PLN (approximately 1100 Euros) and 11 ECTS.

For more information, please visit the website of the programme:  https://us.edu.pl/wydzial/wh/en/english-intercom/ or send an email to: intercom@us.edu.pl


Transform4Europe Chair Exchange during the academic year 2022/2023

Call for applications

Transform4Europe Chair Exchange Initiative will contribute to an enhanced and more structured teaching staff mobility. A Transform4Europe Chair is a teaching position on a topic relevant to the Alliance priority areas:

  • Societal transformation, community building and inclusion
  • Digital transformation and smart regions
  • Environmental Transformation and sustainability

You can find the complete call in the document here. You can find the registration form here.


Bachelor Track Courses at Vytautas Magnus University

The university network Transform4Europe aims to train a new generation of young Europeans who will work together across disciplines applying the acquired digital, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills. This training will enable you to actively participate in shaping the necessary transformation processes in Europe. Vytautas Magnus University encourages bachelor students from every Transform4Europe Alliance university in the upcoming spring semester to join Europe-oriented Bachelor Tracks as an additional course.  

The Transform4Europe Track consists of common core modules on the following topics:

  1. Knowledge Entrepreneurship;
  2. Languages & Intercultural Competencies;
  3. European History, Politics, Culture, Law, Economy.

You can also select the track according to your needs and interests from 3 optional challenge-based tracks:

  1. Digital Transformation and Smart Regions;
  2. Environmental Transformation and Sustainability;
  3. Societal Transformation, Community Building and Inclusion.

What are your benefits?

  1. Exchanging ideas with students from other academic cultures.
  2. Gaining and developing European competencies in a narrower relevant subfield.
  3. Increasing your career opportunities by a unique profile development.
  4. Increasing future research and career opportunities in interdisciplinary fields.
  5. Networking possibilities with students from other European universities.

The spring semester at Vytautas Magnus University starts from February 1 and runs until June 30. The examination session will continue till June 13.

List of modules

Registration is open from January 16 till January 29, 2023.Register: here.
Read more about Vytautas Magnus University here.
For more information please contact sd(at)vdu.lt or transform4europe(at)vdu.lt


Course offer at bachelor level

The university network Transform4Europe aims to train a new generation of young Europeans who will work together across disciplines and acquire digital, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills. This training enables you to actively shape the necessary transformation processes in Europe.

The Transform4Europe Alliance gives you the opportunity to incorporate a succinct programme – a European-oriented course offer at Bachelor level that leads to a certificate with up to 24 ECTS – into your studies.

Interested in taking courses at one of our 7 partner universities?

More Information


Languages for Lunch "Tapitas de español"

Are you interested in the Spanish language and its culture? Would you like to try *tapas for FREE* and learn something at the same time? Then just come along!

  • When? Thursday, 24.11. (12:00-12:45) (during the semester every Thursday from 12 to 12:45, same place)
  • Where? KHG (next to Ausländer Café AC)
  • Who? All those interested in the Spanish language

We are waiting for you! ¡¡Te esperamos!!!


International Summer School (University of Silesia Faculty of Humanities)

The International Summer School ‘Wolin/Jómsborg: a meeting point of Slavs and Scandinavians in the Middle Ages’ will be held from 16th July to 30 July 2023 in Wolin, Poland, at the Andrzej Kaube Regional Museum, the Centre for Medieval Archaeology of the Baltic Region, and the Slavs and Vikings’ Centre. The funding for the summer school is provided by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) within the programme "SPINAKER - Intensive International Education Programs".

More Information

Application deadline is January 31, 2023.
The application form: https://formularze.us.edu.pl/wolin_jomsborg_2023
For more information please contact: cbns@us.edu.pl
or visit the website: cbns.us.edu.pl


Workshop Knowledge Enterpreneurship - jetzt bewerben!


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