The Psycholinguistics Group combines experimental psycholinguistic research with computational modelling of the mechanisms which underlie human lexical, syntactic and semantic processing. Core areas of research include:

  • Probabilistic and information theoretic models of human sentence processing
  • Eye-tracking studies of written language comprehension
  • Visual-world studies of situated spoken language understanding and dialogue
  • Connectionist models of situated language processing
  • Embodied models of spoken comprehension and attention

Our courses are offered to students as part of the BSc programme in Computational Linguistics, and MSc. in Language Science and Technology, which includes the possibility to specialize in Computational Psycholinguistics.


Department of Language Science and Technology
Saarland University
Campus, Building C7.1
66123 Saarbrücken


Claudia Verburg

sek: +49 (681) 302 6560
fax: +49 (681) 302 6561
email: sek-mc(at)