This is a selection of recent courses offered by the Psycholinguistics Group:

BSc in Computational Linguistics and BSc in Language Science

  • Einführung in die Psycholinguistik
  • Einführung in Pragmatik und Diskurs
  • Perspektiven der Linguistik


MSc in Language Science & Technology and MSc in Language and Communication Technologies

  • Computational Psycholinguistics
  • Experimental Methods in Psycholinguistics
  • Foundations of Language Science and Technology: Linguistic Foundations
  • Foundations of Language Science and Technology: Cognitive Foundations
  • Information Theory
  • Connectionist Language Processing


Recent Seminars

  • Blockseminar: Introduction to R
  • Forschungsseminar: Human Language Processing
  • Language Science Colloquium
  • Seminar: Hemispheric differences in language processing
  • Seminar: Scripts in Language Comprehension