Dr. Carrie Ankerstein

Dr. Carrie Ankerstein



Senior Lecturer

Tel.: +49-(0)681-302-2083

E-Mail: c.ankerstein(at)mx.uni-saarland.de

Building C 5.3, room 128




Research Interests


  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Implicit and Explicit Language Processing in Native and Nonnative Speakers



State Exams

  • Dr Ankerstein is available for oral state exams (Staatsexamen) in the areas of psycholinguistics, phonology and second language acquisition.


Current Projects

  • Semantic priming in a second language
  • “Auditory sentence processing in native and non-native speakers of English (funded by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung)"


Selected Publications

Ankerstein, C.A. (2014). A psycholinguistic measurement of second language proficiency: The coefficient of variation (pp. 109-121). In Leclercq, P., Edmonds A., & Hilton H. (Eds.) Measuring L2 proficiency: perspectives from SLA. Multilingual Matters: Bristol.

Ankerstein, C.A. and Pereira, G. (2013). Talking about Taste: starved for words. In: Gerhardt, C., M. Frobenius & S. Ley (Eds). Culinary Linguistics: the chef's special (pp. 305-315). John Benjamins: Amsterdam.

Ankerstein, C.A., Varley, R.A., Cowell, P.E. (2011). Feature types and object categories: is sensorimotoric knowledge different for living and nonliving things?Applied Psycholinguistics.

Ankerstein, C.A., Varley, R.A., Cowell, P.E. (2009). A new set of 84 coloured nonobjects.Behavior Research Methods, 41(1), 172-176.

Ankerstein, C.A. (2006). Behavioural evidence for sensorimotoric-based representations of objects in semantic memory. University of Sheffield, unpublished doctoral thesis.

Ankerstein, C.A. (2003). Is the behavior of connectionist models an artifact of design?: A comparison of two models and two representations of semantic memory.Cambridge Working Papers in English and Applied Linguistics, 9, 1-26.