Prof. Dr. Remus Gergel

Chair of English Linguistics


Tel.: +49-(0)681-302-3309
Email: remus.gergel(at)
Building A 5.3, room 2.10

Office hours during term time: Tuesday, 13-14. Please sign up with Sylvia Monzon.

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Qualifications, recent positions:

  • Dissertation, University of Tübingen, 2005
  • Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania, 2006
  • Habilitation, University of Tübingen, 2010
  • Acting professor, University of Göttingen, 2010/11
  • Professor, University of Graz,  2012-2016
  • Professor, Saarland University, since 2016 



Areas of main interest, research specialization:

  • Semantics, syntax and their interface(s) (varieties, morphology, information structure etc.)
  • Language change - corpus linguistics and theoretical modeling of historical processes
  • Germanic, Romance and comparative linguistics, language typology
  • Comparative semantics & syntax
  • Experimental linguistics




Books and edited volumes

  • 5. Gergel, R., Reich, I. & A. Speyer. (2022) Particles in German, English and Beyond. Part of the Studies in Language Companion Series series. John Benjamins Publishing Co.  Publisher 
  • 4. Gergel, R. & J. Watkins. (2020) Quantification and Scales in Change. Volume based on papers presented at Formal Diachronic Semantics 2. Language Science Press. Publisher 
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Published articles and selected further contributions

[C] = conference proceedings; [H/O] = handbook article or overview; [J] = journal article; [R] = other type of reviewed article; [M] = manuscript/work in progress

  • 49. [C] Kopf M. & R. Gergel (2023)  Annotating Decomposition in Time: Three Approaches for Again. In Proceedings of the 17th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW-XVII), pages 129–135, Toronto, Canada. Association for Computational Linguistics.
  • 48. [H/O] Gergel, R. & S. Cyrino (forth.) On the diachrony of ellipsis. Ms. Saarland University/U. Campinas, Under contract for The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Diachronic Linguistics, ed. by E. Aldridge, A. Breitbarth, K. E. Kiss, A. Ledgeway, J. Salmons, & A. Simonenko. Initial Draft

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  • 46. (2022) On developing a human diachronic simulation paradigm. Invited talk at Formal Diachronic Semantics 7. 

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Selected unpublished work

  • Kopf, M. & R. Gergel (2022) "Informed crowd-sourcing for annotating semantic variation and change".  Ms. Saarland University  Draft
  • (2018) "On the semantic development of African American English invariant be". [04/2018, 37p.]
  • (2012) "On the diachronic trajectory of the adverb again: A corpus study at the interface with meaning."
  • (2008) "Meaning change and structure-sensitivity." [02/2008, 22p.]
  • (2008) "Topicalization, Doubling, and a Little More on Adjectives." Paper presented at the 30th Annual Convention of the German Society of Linguistics (DGfS), Panel on Topicality. Universität Bamberg. [HO, 02/2008, 8p.]
  • Dvorak, B. & R. Gergel (2006) "Clitic-licensed ellipsis in Slovenian: Diagnostics of a construction" Ms., ZAS Berlin & Universität Tübingen [07/2006, 35p.]
  • (2005)"Ellipsis and Parallelism Strategies in English: A Diachronic Perspective." [10/2005, 7p.]


(Co-)supervised theses since 2018

In progress

Bablli, Mohammad: Contrasting Diachronic Trajectories of Presuppositions and Not-At-Issueness: Arabic vs. English (first supervisor) (PhD thesis)

Kopf-Giammanco, Martin: Degree Constructions and Language Change (first supervisor) (PhD thesis)

Puhl, Maike: Common Ground Management in Advanced Learner English (first supervisor) (PhD thesis)

Song, Sijin: Contrasting argument drop in English and Chinese (first supervisor) (PhD thesis)



Bettscheider, Lena: Politeness in late night talk shows - a pragmatic analysis (second supervisor) (Stex thesis)

David, Sebastian Ansgar: Pre-Play Sequences in Americn Football Commentary (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Jennewein, Sarah: Emoji Use by Gen Z and Millennial TikTok Users - a pragmatic analysis

Knoll, Kristin: Pragmatic aspects of social media interaction (second supervisor) (Stex thesis)

Margardt, Lisa: Vowel comparison between British English and Australian English (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Müller, Oliver: False Memories in L1 German and L2 English (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Reade, Phoebe Sophie: A lexicogrammatical comparison between the TV series Modern Family and natural conversation

Schmidt, Sven: From Chorus to Corpus: Investigating the Linguistic Characteristics of Pop Lyrics

Wagner, Robin: Pragmatic Sources of Humor in Late-Night Shows (first supervisor) (Stex thesis)

Wallach, Felix: English "there" constructions and their German counterparts (first supervisor) (Stex thesis)


Heep, Bianca: A corpus-based investigation of the re-prefix in American English (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Kus, Ecem: Motivations for Code-Switching in Intercultural ELF Conversations: The case of Turkish L1 - German L1 ELF Couples (second supervisor) (Master thesis)

Pheav, Violetta: Second Language Acquisition. Strategies of Learning and Achieving native-like Pronunciation (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Pulaj, Sarah-Jaqueline: Harry Potter and the Dialects of the British Isles: A sociolinguistic analysis of social and regional language varieties and language attitudes in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Schu, Michael: Extending Toponymy to Fictional Worlds (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Ugwu, Veronica: Investigating Post Creole Continuum in Aspects of Nigerian Pidgin (first supervisor) (Master thesis)

 Wolf, Mario: Crisis Communication in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Critical Discourse Analysis of Politicians' Speeches (second supervisor)  (Staatsexamen thesis)


Akinci, Klara: Corpus analysis of empty object phrases in a corpus with pancake recipes from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Cino, Giovanni: Second Language Acquisition and Language Learning Apps (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Hauck, Timo: Language Contact: How are anglicised verb constructions received by German native speakers? (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Hoffmann, Noémie: Kamala Harris on Instrgram (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Kullmann, Marie Celine: A corpus-based forensic linguistic authorship attribution study of the Zodiac letters (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Lipicar, Sean: Contrasting Irish English and African American English. Similarities in Uses of Habitual Be (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Schorr, Jasmin: It's Shite being Scottish: The Eye Dialect of Lowlands Scottish English in Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting  (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Song, Sijin: Object Drop in English and Mandarin Chinese (first supervisor) (Master thesis)

Sukhova, Iuliia: Speech act analysis in crisis communication: A study of Instagram comments during organisational crises (second supervisor) (Master thesis)


Bablli, Mohammad: The re-domain in Arabic vs English: a diachronic and synchronic comparative study (first supervisor) (Master thesis)

Ebelshäuser, Mark: Innuendo use in children's television (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Engels, Sophia Katharina: The Grammar of Headlines: Contrasting English and German (first supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Gegic, Sabina: Perceptions of non-native Teachers of English (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Große, Shanna-Marie: Interactional talk in Cyberobics - a discourse-analytical study (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Käufer, Charline: Spanglish on Twitter as an expression of Latino identity - a discourse analysis (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Kayl, Christophe: How Do Video Games Affect L2 Vocabulary Acquisition? A Minimal Exposure Approach (firt supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Koch, Jessica: Phrasal Verbs in British Newspapers (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Körner, Tanja: Implicatures and presuppositions in advertising: A linguistic analysis of selected advertisements (first supervisor) (Master thesis)

Maier, Kartin: Fake review detection on Amazon - a forensic linguistic analysis (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Mann, Jonas: Presidential Campaigning on Twitter - A lexico-pragmatic Investigation of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's Twitter Discourse around the 2016 Election (Frist supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Müller, Theresa: Emotive discourse in content marketing and its effect on customer loyality: a qualitative and quantitative linguistic study of Coca Cola's Instagram page (second supervisor) (Master thesis)

Pirsch, Nadine Dji-Yung: Word formation processes in Engish as a Lingua Franca - a corpus-based analysis of VOICE (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Schilling, Jana: Autism Spectrum Disorder - a Linguistic Investigation of Language and an Analysis on how Modern Technology can Improve Communication (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Schöndorf, Janine: Readership adaptation in children's recipes and students' recipes - a corpus-based study (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Stöhr, Nicole: The Language of Social Media Advertising - A corpus-based analysis of lexical categories and semantic fields on Target's Instagram page (second supervisor) (Master thesis)


Bard, Julia: Motivational and instructional factors in L2 English phonetics (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Bauer, Vivien: Gender and Political Speech: A Linguistic Analysis of Acceptance Speeches by U.S. Politicians in the 2018 Midterm Elections (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Bernard, Nina-Michelle: Recipes in Instastories - a corpus-based discourse analysis (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Engel, Gianna: Effects of prescriptivism on the pronunciation of American English (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Fisch, Helen: ELF in the classroom - An applied study of English as a lingua franca communication strategies and their use in English language teaching (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Gab, Katharina: 'youhadonejob' A corpus-based analysis of hashtag functions on Twitter (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Giro, Ann-Kristin: "Nice and toasty, sweet chocolate roast-y." Rhymes in advertising on Instagram and their impact on customers - a linguistic case study of Starbucks (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Hauser, Lorena: Metaphors used in Republican and Democratic political speeches - A corpus-based cognitive analysis (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Hippert, Tobias: A corpus-based investigation of clefts in English (first supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Künzer, Alica: Spokenness on Twitter (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Lomnicki, Maik: Phonological and morphological aspects of borrowing English words with a focus on Polish speakers (first supervisor) (Master thesis)

Mann, Jonas: Presidential Campaigning on Twitter, A lexico-pragmatic Investigation of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's Twitter Discourse around the 2016 Election (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Manno, Selina: Phonology-based Humor in the Sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Müller, Lisa: A corpus-based investigation of clefts in American English (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Nthuru König, Gisela: Now, Now Now and Just Now: A study of the Temporal Dexis in South African English (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Villalba Aponte Natalie Alejandra: Perceptions of Vocal Fry Register in English by German Native Speakers (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Vollmar, Laura: "J'bakerai un cake": A structural analysis of English-based lexems in Chiac (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Weiß, Christin: "This goal is just a milestone on this journey" - Crisis Managment on Social Media - a Critical Discourse Analysis of H&M(second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Wilhelm, Stefanie: Corporate online identity - a multimodal discourse analysis of corporate websites & corporate social media profiles on Linkedin (second supervisor) (MA thesis)


Fohmann, Lisa: Performing identity through humor on 9GAG (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Giebel, Drees: A Discourse Analysis of Video Games (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Heilmann, Selina: The Creation of Humour and the Role of Conversational Maxims in the TV-series 'Modern Family' (first supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Kage, Lisa: A corpus-based study of lexical innovations in 'How I Met Your Mother' (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Kefala, Katerina: The pragmatics of fashion advertising (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Künzer, Alica: Spokenness on Twitter (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Müller, Theresa: The discourse of emotion in American television: A case study (second supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Neumann, Dana: Conceptual Metaphors: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations (first supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Parlagaschwili, Nini: Aspects of meaning in autistic language. An investigation of the Netflix sho 'Atypical' (first supervisor) (Bachelor thesis)

Puhl, Maike: A comparison of inversion structures in English (first supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Quint, Marius: Issues in Second Language Acquisition with Regard to Intonation (first supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Rausch, Tamara: Sociolinguistics and issues of intergenerational language transmission in the area of sound change (first supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Rück, Rebecca: Controversial Topics in English Morphology (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)

Weiland, Isabelle: Expert identity in YouTube Tutorials - a corpus-based discourse study (second supervisor) (Staatsexamen thesis)