Müller: Design Characteristics of Virtual Learning Environments

Müller, D.: Design Characteristics of Virtual Learning Environments

Design Characteristics of Virtual Learning Environments.

A Theoretical Integration and Empirical Test of Technology Acceptance and IS Success Research

2013, 233 p. - ISBN: 978-3-658-00391-3


Daniel Müller derives a multidimensional research framework simultaneously outlining and concretising particular aspects being relevant to and surrounding the elicitation and evaluation of VLE design characteristics.

Based on this, the author elicits for the first time a holistic set of well-defined, simultaneously detailed and operative VLE design characteristics systematically.

He evaluates the impact of the desired set of VLE design characteristics on crucial behavioural determinants of users’ behavioural intention to use and actual use of a VLE in terms of the VLE success measures of this study.  


Table of Content

- ​Introduction

- A Research Framework of VLE Design Characteristics

- Theoretical Background and Outline of the Integrated Research Models

- Elicitation of VLE Design Characteristics

- Evaluation of VLE Design Characteristics

- Conclusions


Daniel Müller holds a Master and a PhD from Saarland University in the field of Business Administration. In parallel to his PhD, he has implemented his scientific findings into practice in the realm of research projects led by IMC AG.