Lecture („small“) on the Focus Semester on Quantum Information

responsible: Prof. Dr. Moritz Weber

This seminar/lecture is part of the Focus Semester on Quantum Information (12 Sept - 9 Dec 2022) at  Saarland University. The aim is to study quantum information theory from the perspectives of mathematics, physics and computer science. We will have numerous international experts giving multidisciplinary lectures at Saarland University, accompanied by various research talks in seminars.

The program will be accessible for first year Master's students (physics, mathematics or computer science), in particular, providing an introduction to this modern field.

Students may obtain Credit Points throughout the Focus Semester on Quantum Information:

  • Seminar certificate (CP according to your study regulations, typically 5 CP or 7 CP)
  • Certificate for a „small“ lecture (typically 4.5 CP depending on your study regulations)
  • Certificate for a „large“ lecture (typically 9 CP depending on your study regulations) [may not be combined with the "small" lecture]

In order to obtain these credit points, you will have to attend a prescribed amount of the lectures and talks of the Focus Semester and there will be either an oral exam or a written assignment afterwards.

Please contact us before the start of the Focus Semester such that we may fix an individual choice of lectures relevant for your certificates.

Also, it might be necessary to doublecheck with your study regulations. Don't hesitate to contact us in case you have further questions.

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