Secretary: Laura Alin Schmigiel
Room 108, phone +49-681-302-4432
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 - 15:00

PhD students and supervision of graduate theses

  • Michelle Göbel - Master's student, since March 2022
  • Nicolas Faroß - PhD student, since January 2022
  • Luca Junk - PhD student, since January 2022
  • Julien Schanz - PhD student, since September 2021
  • Alexander Mang - PhD student, since May 2019
  • Nicolas Faroß, Master's thesis, Spatial Pair Partitions and Applications to Finite Quantum Spaces, 2022
  • Arne Berrens, Bachelor's student, since 2021, together with Michael Hartz
  • Dean Zenner, Bachelor's student, since 2021
  • Laura Maaßen, together with Gerhard Hiß, RWTH Aachen - PhD thesis, Representation categories of compact
    matrix quantum groups
    , 2021
  • Simon Schmidt - PhD thesis, Quantum automorphism groups of finite graphs, 2020
  • Daniel Gromada - PhD thesis, Compact matrix quantum groups and their representation theory, 2020
  • Alexander Wendel - Master's student, since 2020
  • Michael Kreisel (U Wuppertal) - Master's thesis, Booleschwertige Modelle und Unabhängigkeit, together with Balint Farkas, 2020
  • Marc Hermes - Master's student, together with Gert Smolka, since 2020
  • Julien Schanz - Master's thesis, Quantum Isomorphic Graphs Constructed From Linear Binary Constraint Systems, 2021
  • Johannes Becker (TU Darmstadt) - Master's student, together with Burkhard Kümmerer, since 2020
  • Matias Klimpel - Bachelor's thesis, Representations of Graph-C*-algebras, 2021
  • Nicolas Faroß - Bachelor's thesis, Towards a concrete model for the quantum permutation group, 2020
  • Alexander Wendel - Bachelor's thesis, Hochschild cohomology of free easy quantum groups, 2020
  • Friedrich Günther - Bachelor's thesis, Unitary easy groups, 2020
  • Stefan Jung - PhD thesis Easy quantum groups: Linear independencies, models and partition quantum spaces, 2019
  • Vincent Preiß - Master's thesis, Intertwiner spaces of quantum automorphism groups of simple graphs with four vertices, 2019
    in joint supervision with Simon Schmidt, supported by Daniel Gromada
  • Andreas Widenka - Master's thesis, Quantum versions of metric spaces and their symmetries, 2019
  • Luca Junk - Bachelor's thesis, Quantum automorphism groups of graphs and coherent algebras, 2019
    in joint supervision with Simon Schmidt
    Publication: to appear in Archiv der Mathematik, see arXiv
  • Alexander Mang - Masters's thesis: Classification of all non-hyperoctahedral categories of two-colored partitions, 2019
    Publications: See arXiv (Part I) and arXiv (Part II)
  • Mirko Stappert - Bachelor's thesis: Noncommutative geometry and the Quantum Hall Effect, 2019
  • Julien Schanz - Bachelor's thesis: Computing quantum symmetries of graphs, 2019
    in joint supervision with Simon Schmidt
    Publication: see arXiv
  • Martin Michajlow - Bachelor's thesis: Hilbertsudokus, 2018
  • Mang Zhao - Bachelor's thesis: Combinatorial models of frieze patterns, 2018
    Publication:Rev. Un. Mat. Argentina, see also on arXiv
  • Alexander Mang - Bachelor's thesis: Neutral pair partitions, 2017
    awarded on the student's conference of the annual meeting of the German Mathematical Society
    Publications: to appear in Ramanujan J. (Part I), see also on arXiv: Part I, Part II
  • Julien Sazadaly - Master's thesis Memoir M2: Quantum isometries of some spherical algebras,
    Paris Diderot/Paris VII, 2017
  • Simon Schmidt - Master's thesis: Quantum automorphisms of graph C*-algebras, 2017
    Publication:Can. Math. Bull., see also on arXiv
  • Ricardo Schnur - Master' thesis: The Connes embedding property for free orthogonal quantum groups, 2017
  • Andrei Miu - Master's thesis Memoir M2: Weingarten calculus for orthogonal compact quantum groups,
    Paris Diderot/Paris VII, 2015
  • Jonas Wahl - Master's thesis: operator algebraic properties of free wreath products, 2014
    in joint supervision with Roland Speicher
    Publication:Ill. J. Math., see also on arXiv
  • Dominik Urig - Bachelor's thesis: Der Satz von Hahn-Banach, 2014
    in joint supervision with Roland Speicher
  • Peter Schuhmacher - Bachlor's thesis: Entropie in Quantenkanälen, 2014
    in joint supervision with Roland Speicher
  • Stefan Jung - Bachelor's thesis: C*-algebraische Darstellungen der Quantenpermutationsgruppe, 2014
  • Pascal Bauer - Bachelor's thesis: Das Banach-Tarski-Paradoxon und Amenabilität von Gruppen, 2013
    in joint supervision with Roland Speicher

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