Major research instrumentation programme

Major research instrumentation programme (FUGG, LAGG, CIP, WAP)

The major research instrumentation programme aims to provide funding for the procurement and replacement of major research instrumentation as of Article 91b GG and of state major instrumentation as of Article 143c GG (incl. CIP pools and WAP clusters). The Research Committee publishes a call for proposals every six months.

For more information on the application procedure, please refer to the Geschäftsordnung des Forschungsausschusses (currently available in German only).

Information on the call for proposals

  • Next deadline:11. October 2023, noon
  • Call for proposals and application documents: see below
  • Next deadline after that: Next April
  • Call for proposals and application documents: (Will be made available about 6 weeks before the deadline)

Please note that the application process for the major research instrumentation programme has been adapted:

  • Please use the current forms provided by DFG:

  • Proposals need to be submitted via email to  forschungsausschuss(at)

  • You will not need to provide classic handwritten signatures. All attachments must be signed and submitted via email before the deadline expires.
  • Please contact the Campus Development and Construction Management Division (office.cb(at) early in the process to resolve all room related questions. For more information on the administrative procedure to be followed when completing the attachment regarding the room situation, please refer to the "Handreichung Großgeräte".
  • Applications may be submitted in German and in English. Applicants who submit their application in English will need to include a German summary that is easy to understand also for individuals who are not professionals in the respective field of research. The applicants will need to present and discuss their proposal in German during the Research Committee meeting.
  • Applicants are expected to negotiate a discount rate with the supplier.
  • The following application documents must be submitted via email before the deadline expires:
    - DFG form for Art. 91b GG or Art. 143c GG
    - CVs of all applicants in the working group
    - At least two comparative offers
    - Preferred offer
    - Usage rules (if applicable)
    - Attachments: 1) Attachment: Room situation 2) Compliance Form
  • According to the revised Art. 143 c GG: Proposals approved by the University Board with acquisition costs of €200,000 or more will be forwarded to the DFG for review. For proposals with acquisition costs between €125,000 and €200,000, the Research Committee will obtain separate external expert opinions (analogous to the DFG review procedure), on the basis of which a final decision is made by the Research Committee regarding funding from the budget administered by the Research Committee.



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