The University Senate has established a Research Committee, chaired by the Vice-President for Research, to assist and advise it in all matters relating to research issues.



The Research Committee bears the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare decisions in matters relating to research issues that affect the entire university (as part of the strategic guidelines set out by the University Board and the Extended University Board)
  • Compile recommendations for the development of new core research areas
  • Compile recommendations regarding the coordination of research projects and core research areas

Research funding programmes at Saarland University

The Research Committee promotes research activities at Saarland University. For this purpose, there are annual calls for proposals in three funding programmes:

  • Major research instrumentation programme (major research instrumentation as per Art. 91b GG and state major instrumentation as per Art. 143c GG , incl. CIP pools and WAP clusters)
  • Investment programme for research and investment programme for teaching
  • Start-up funding for research ideas

The Research Committee evaluates the proposals and submits funding proposals to the University Board. The University Board decides which projects will receive funding.

Further information (currently available in German only):


Robert Ernst
Vice President for Research

Verena Krenberger

Advisor to the Vice-President for Research

Tel.: +49 681 302-4418

Postal address

Postfach 15 11 50
66041 Saarbrücken, Germany