Study Project for Master Students


The overall goal of a study project is to gradually introduce students to scientific work. This is achieved, among other things, through active involvement in the ongoing research activities of the individual members of staff at the chair and through independent work on a scientific problem. The topics offered depend on the current research focus of the chair.


The workload for processing the scientific question comprises 450 hours, whereby the processing times can be freely agreed upon (presence on site; total duration of the project; vacation, exam and internship times) with the respective faculty member.

Upon completion of the study project, the student should be able to:

  • critically engage with international journals in the focus of technology and innovation management
  • differentiate relevant theories
  • independently design and operationalize initial studies


If you are interested in a study project and would like to inquire about possible research topics, please contact Ms. Anne Küntzler (anne.kuentzler(at) in due time (at least 2 months before the desired starting date) by sending your application documents.



Formal requirements


The present offer is addressed to students in the Master's program (MSc).


Other requirements


Application documents for submission


Your complete application materials will include:

  • Excerpt of the achievements in the current study section
  • Detailed letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae with photo

Deadlines and feedback


If you are interested in a study project at the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management, you should contact Ms. Anne Küntzler (anne.kuentzler(at) at least two months in advance by sending your application documents.



Format guidelines


For information on format guidelines and how to further structure your student project, please refer to the following document. Unless otherwise specified by the supervisor, the American Psychological Association (APA) style will be used.




If questions remain unanswered, a look at the literature on scientific work will help you:


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  • Gopen, G., & Swan, J. (1990). The Science of Scientific Writing: If the reader is to grasp what the writer means, the writer must understand what the reader needs. American Scientist, 78(6), 550-558.
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If there are still uncertainties on your side after that, talk to your supervisor at the TIM department - we will be happy to help you!