SeCoMo - Development of a secure communication module for home automation

Duration: 2013 - 2016
Grant: BMWi

The BMWi-funded project SeCoMo - Secure Communication Module, which was worked on by the juris endowed chair in cooperation with the University of Paderborn (to which the group belonged at the time of application) and iesy GmbH, deals with technical data protection in home automation systems. Many modern home automation systems do not adequately protect users from attacks. For example, devices often communicate unencrypted or allow attackers to issue commands on behalf of the occupants. Even if communication is secured in this way, attackers can easily determine whether people are in a building, for example. It is not even necessary for the attacker to be on site: small, inexpensive listening devices allow surveillance on a large scale. SeCoMo is designed to eliminate all these dangers. A module has been developed for manufacturers of home automation systems that secures all communication between different devices, thus providing comprehensive protection. Thus, the manufacturer does not need to develop expertise in secure communication itself, but can rely on the functionality of the module. This makes it easy to spread secure technology in everyday products.