Here you can find a list of  possible Bachelor and Master theses.

Current offers

Currently we offer topics in the following areas. The concrete topic will be subject of individual discussions with you.

  • Topic area Machine Learning & Legal Documents
    e.g. evaluation of court decisions or other legal documents
  • Topic area Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
    e.g.: Anonymization and pseudonymization methods and their (functional and/or legal) implications
  • Topic area Privacy & Wearables
    e.g.: Privacy-friendly evaluation of (health) data in the workplace environment
  • Image processing for IT-forensic purposes


Topics differing from those above are possible upon request. Please contact us to discuss a possible thesis.

Please see our notes on theses.

You are also welcome to write a master thesis at our chair as a student of the LL.M. program "Information Technology and Law". Please orientate yourself on the above mentioned topics and apply by sending an email to In your application, you should describe briefly, but meaningfully, which research question(s) you would like to address within the above-mentioned topic areas.