On this page you will find an overview of advertised bachelor/master theses at the chair.

Students of the LL.M. program "Information Technology and Law" are also welcome to write a master thesis at our chair. Please orientate yourself on the topics and apply by sending an e-mail to lehrstuhl.sorge(at) In it, you should briefly but meaningfully describe which research question(s) you would like to address within the topic areas.

Please note that the requirements do not apply to LL.M. students but only to M. Sc. and B. Sc. students only.

Information regarding the final thesis of the LL.M. program can be found here


Studierende, die an unserem Lehrstuhl ihre Abschlussarbeit anfertigen möchten, sollten folgende Voraussetzungen mitbringen:

Für Bachelorarbeiten

  • Interesse daran, Sachverhalte der Rechtsinformatik, der IT-Sicherheit oder des technischen Datenschutzes wissenschaftlich zu bearbeiten
  • Weitere Voraussetzungen ergeben sich aus der jeweiligen Arbeit. In den meisten Fällen sind Programmierkenntnisse erforderlich; oft sind Grundkenntnisse zu Rechnernetzen (z.B. aus entsprechenden Vorlesungen) hilfreich.

Für Masterarbeiten zusätzlich

  • Erfolgreiche Teilnahme an einer Vorlesung oder an einem Seminar aus dem Themengebiet der Masterarbeit

Current offers

Currently  we are offering theses in the following topics. We will work out the concrete topic in personal discussions with you.

  •     Topic area machine learning & legal texts
    •     e.g. evaluation of court decisions or other legal documents
  •     Topic area Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
    •     e.g.: Anonymization and pseudonymization methods and their (functional and/or legal) implications.
  •     Topic area privacy-preserving wearables
    •     e.g.: Privacy-friendly evaluation of (health) data in the employment environment
  •     Topic area detection of botnet
    •     e.g.: Privacy-friendly design of collaborative anomaly-based detection methods
  •     Topic area IT forensics
    • e.g.: applied multimedia forensics
  • Topic area NIS-2 directive
    • e.g.: critical analysis of national implementation on state and federal level and on impact of existing IT security infrastructure

In addition to the advertised topics, other topics are also possible upon request. Just contact us to talk about a possible thesis.

Please also refer to our notes on final theses.