The PAIRS project (Privacy-Aware, Intelligent and Resilient CrisiS Management) aims to develop a platform for crisis management. The hybrid approach of artificial and human intelligence is to identify and anticipate crisis scenarios in an iterative learning process.

This means that crises can not only be better managed but also identified at an early stage. In doing so, the availability of essential resources and capabilities of corporate ecosystems is to be secured and their marketability sustainably strengthened. In particular, the interactions between economic and political actors will be considered, taking into account data sovereignty and data privacy.

Companies, operators of critical infrastructures as well as institutions are to be enabled to derive and implement their measures in a targeted manner through the analysis of numerous and current data from various sources and recommendations for action proposed by the system. A key objective here is to protect the data, some of which is highly sensitive, from which the analyses and recommended actions are derived. Current and complete information on critical infrastructures, supply chains and their availability is, on the one hand, enormously important for deriving meaningful measures and, at the same time, highly sensitive and well protected by producers. Thus, one challenge is to obtain the most comprehensive data sets possible while maintaining a high level of protection for this information.
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