SMP - Smart Materials and Polymers

Module Description

The lecture introduces the field and context of smart materials from a material and system point of view. One focus is the design and application of stimuli responsiveness of polymers and hybrid materials. Several examples, many of which can be found in everyday applications, will be discussed, and some recent trends in research activities will be highlighted. The lecture covers functional and smart interfaces (wetting) and electrochemical interfaces (for energy storage, sensing, actuation, and water remediation). Finally, practical applications of smart material‐based mechatronic systems will be discussed. Engineering tools for the systematic analysis, simulation, and design of smart material actuators and sensors will be presented with the aid of several real‐life examples.

This lecture is jointly taught by Prof. Markus Gallei, Prof. Volker Presser, and Jun.-Prof. Gianluca Rizzello. Further details are available on the Moodle platform.


Additional Info

Responsible Instructors: Prof. Markus Gallei, Prof. Volker Presser, Jun.‐Prof. Gianluca Rizzello

Assign to Departments: Chemistry

Semester: Summer Semester

Admission requirements: no formal requirements

Type of Course: Lecture

Examination: Written exam

Weekly Hours: 2 h/w, of which 2 h/w Lectures

Credit Points: 3