Master Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe

The new Master's degree programme „Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe“ is to be established at Saarland University in the winter semester 2024/2025 – subject to approval from the University Council. The degree programme follows on from the Bachelor's degree programme „European Studies“, but is generally aimed at those interested in social sciences. This Master's degree programme, at the interface of political science, sociology and human geography, provides the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills in European social science research and qualify for a career with a European focus! More detailed information on the content and structure of the Master's programme is available below.

Basic Information on the Master's Programme

The Master's degree programme „Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe“ at Saarland University offers students the opportunity to study an interdisciplinary programme that combines empirical social and spatial science research on Europe. The Master's programme enables students to engage with European research debates on the geographies, politics and societies of Europe. Through the interface between central perspectives of European studies, you will learn to think analytically and critically, to work beyond disciplinary boundaries and to design and implement independent research projects. At the same time, you can specialise in two of the three areas of politics, sociology or geography. In addition, your knowledge of methodological instruments of quantitative and qualitative research will be deepened.

General Information

The Master's degree programme „Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe“ with a total of 120 credit points (CP) consists of the following core areas:

  • The module Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe offers an interdisciplinary introduction to historical and current development processes in Europe. The module comprises of 6 credit points (CP).
  • The module Advanced Methods of Empirical Social Research, worth 12 credit points (CP), builds on existing methodological skills and provides you with the knowledge and tools, which will be applied in your own empirical research projects at a later stage.
  • Specialisation in European politics, sociology and geography: Here you will gain insights into current debates and approaches in border area research/border studies, political science and sociology, gaining a total of 27 credit points (CP).
  • In the Research Seminars and Empirical Research Project module, you will set a disciplinary focus: the specialist courses deal comprehensively with geographical, political science or sociological research perspectives on Europe. You will choose two of three research seminars. Together with the empirical research project (3 credit points (CP)), you will earn a total of 15 credit points (CP).

The programme includes a compulsory semester abroad or alternatively an internship abroad (30 credit points (CP)) to acquire further intercultural skills. The Master's thesis (30 credit points (CP) with colloquium) concludes the programme.

Basic Structure of the Degree Programme
Official Documents for the Degree Programme

The module handbook (not yet binding) is already available here  in german.

The superordinate examination regulations for Master's degree programmes of the responsible faculty are independent of the Master's degree programme. Study regulations and subject-specific provisions will be made available shortly

Study/Internship abroad

All students on the Master's degree programme „Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe“ complete a period abroad at a university or an internship abroad - this is planned for the third semester. 30 credit points (CP) are awarded for this. Information on possible universities abroad can be found here.

Please find our partner universities on our studying abroad website. For more information about an internship abroad and the European research project please contact your course advisor.


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Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe

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Your prospects with the Master's degree programme: „Spaces, Politics and Societies of Europe“

„The Master's degree programme qualifies graduates to pursue a challenging career with a quantitative and qualitative focus, particularly in the field of social science consulting, institutions of cross-border cooperation, the private sector, marketing and public relations as well as in international organisations, administration and politics“.

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