Master's program

Master's program in Quantum Engineering

Quantum physics forms the basis for revolutionary new technologies, their technical realization requires a new qualification profile at the interface between natural sciences and engineering -  Quantum Engineering. This master´s program aims at a research-oriented and application-oriented education in modern quantum technologies, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary systems. It imparts the ability for scientific research as well as in-depth knowledge for the technological implementation of research results. Graduates of the degree program will be uniquely able to transfer ideas from research laboratories into the industrial R&D department.

The master's program at a glance

Quantum Engineering provides cross-disciplinary training between knowledge-oriented natural sciences, especially physics, and application-oriented engineering, especially systems engineering. The master´s program provides in-depth training in the complementary core areas of physics and engineering, targeted at the research, development and implementation of quantum technologies. In addition, students can set individual priorities for a theoretical, experimental or applied profile.

The students select courses from the core areas of quantum physics and systems engineering and expand them in the context of specific elective subjects, seminars and (project) lab work that can be selected from a wide range of topics offered. The general electives allow further deepening, practical implementation and acquisition of interdisciplinary scientific competences, for example in economics modules or language courses based on individual preferences and goals. A laboratory project together with an associated project seminar serves as an introduction to the master thesis, which is written as member of a research group.

Graduates of the "Quantum Engineering" master´s program have a wide range of career opportunities. They can pursue a doctorate and work in research, or take up activities in high-tech development, in manufacturing or sales in the area of the very latest quantum technologies, which are currently poised to leap from the research world into broad application.

Course of studies

The research-oriented master's program "Quantum Engineering" comprises a total of 120 CP. Of these, 15 CP are allotted to a laboratory project, which will familiarize students with a scientific topic, and 30 CP for the final master thesis. The duration of the master thesis including the master colloquium is six months. The required study modules are divided into the categories "core area quantum physics" and "core area systems engineering", "subject-specific compulsory choice", "subject-specific seminars, lab work and project seminars", "general electives", "laboratory project" and "master thesis".

In the master's program, knowledge is specifically expanded through in-depth courses in the fields of quantum physics and systems engineering, where first individual options are already available. The individual professional orientation takes place through the selection of further subject-specific elective subjects as well as through laboratory work and / or (team) projects from common catalogs in the fields of physics and systems engineering.

Depending on individual inclination, general electives allow further specialization or the development of interdisciplinary scientific competences. In addition to courses from a wide range of subjects, work as a tutor at the university as well as an internship in industry or in a research facility are also possible.

A laboratory project leading to the master thesis and the master thesis itself convey the ability for independent sentific research. Through the intensive involvement in a research group in this phase of the program, the students also acquire teamwork and communication skills.

After four semesters of regular study time, the Quantum Engineering master´s program is completed with the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.).

Access to the master's program

General information

Anyone interested in the master's program in Quantum Engineering can apply online at the departments Systems Engineering or Physics. Requirements for access to the master's program "Quantum Engineering" are:

  • A bachelor's degree from a German university or an equivalent degree from a foreign university with a focus on quantum engineering or a subject related to quantum engineering,
  • Adequate language skills (usually level B2 according to the European reference framework or comparable or better) in English
  • Candidates have to demonstrate their special qualification. Criteria for determining the qualification are the achievements in the prior academic career, proven by an overall grade of the bachelor's degree of "good" (2.5) or better, as well as suitable course and subject content of the acquired bachelor's degree in various areas. Finally, qualified assessment reports could be required. In the following subject areas, CPs as specified below should at least be proven in lectures and exercises as part of the previous degree:
    • 36 CP in experimental and theoretical physics in the areas mechanics, optics, atomic physics, solid state physics and quantum mechanics,
    • 12 CP in fundamentals of electrical engineering, measurement science and technology as well as sensors and instrumentation,
    • 8 CP in electrodynamics or electromagnetics,
    • 10 CP in electronics and circuit technology,
    • 20 CP in mathematical basics and
    • 12 CP in the context of physical and engineering lab work.

These criteria are checked by the departments during the admission procedure based on the data provided in the online application. 

If your application is accepted, you will be informed in advance by email. You will also receive an official admission letter by regular mail. This admission letter serves as proof of acceptance of your application and is a requirement for enrolling in the master´s program.

Application information

Before you fill out and forward the online application form, please read the following information very carefully. They are designed to help you submit a full application. Incomplete applications or applications that reach us after the application deadline cannot be considered. The deadlines are:

  • March 1st for the following summer semester
  • September 1st for the following winter semester
Application documents

It is very important for us to understand your specific reasons for choosing our master's degree program. Furthermore, information about your areas of interest in research and about any relevant projects you have already carried out are of interest for us. You can record this information in a separate letter of motivation ("Purpose of Study").

Mandatory documents for all applicants

  • a copy of your high school diploma or university entrance qualification
  • a certified list of all courses attended during your bachelor's or diploma program with individual grades
  • brief information on contents of or literature used in the various courses (e.g. excerpt from module handbook or similar)
  • copies of all previous academic degree certificates (e.g. pre-diploma, diploma, bachelor's degree)
  • since English is the standard language of courses in the master´s program, we require proof of your language skills (usually B2 level according to the European reference framework). If you have a degree from a German school and have taken English classes for at least 6 years, up to and including the senior classes (last two years), please upload your high school diploma under the item "Language certificate". In all other cases we need a proof of the required language skills. If this proof is not available, a provisional admission can be granted on the condition that the required language skills are acquired within one semester, e.g. by taking a language course that concludes with the B2 level.
  • the contact details of two references (e.g. university lecturers or employers) who know you and your work well. We will contact these persons (via email) to upload a letter of reference for you. As an aid, we provide a few pointers on the expected form of the reference letter (PDF in English).

Please only use this online application form.

Additional requirements for foreign applicants
  • Explanation of the grade system in your home country
  • Copies of all previously acquired degrees (certified translation if the original language is not English or German)

Please only use this online application form.

You will need the originals of your documents only when enrolling in the student secretariat of the university.

The application and all associated documents remain with the university. Personal data is only saved to the extent necessary and in compliance with data protection. Applications from   rejected candidates will be destroyed after one year.

More information

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