Doctoral Programme


Saarbrücken is a good place to write a doctoral dissertation in philosophy and thus to become a »Doctor philosophiae« (»Dr. phil.«). We believe in giving doctoral students full freedom and full support.

»Full freedom« includes geographical flexibility and the absence of course requirements–our doctoral students spend time on their research and dissertation, not on duties extraneous to that central task. At the same time, »full support« means that the professors are there for you whenever you need them: to discuss your ideas and drafts and to advise you on all aspects of your careers.

You will think and talk and write in a small but friendly and high-class department, made up of rigorously analytic philosophers whose research interests also loom into the history of philosophy and into philosophical aspects of disciplines other than philosophy--like art history, economics, law, linguistics, mathematics, philology, physics, psychology, and theology.

Occasions for exchanges of ideas include informal meetings with the professors and with your fellow students, the regular Colloquium in Theoretical Philosophy, the regular  Doctoral Colloquium in Practical Philosophy, the regular Departmental Colloquium with guest speakers from all over the world, and an assortment of conferences and other activities.

The formalities are laid down in the Promotionsordnung. If you consider the option of doing your doctoral work in Saarbrücken, contact the Fachrichtungsreferent or the professor who appears to be the most suitable adviser given your area of interest.

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