The CAPTIV Motion system combines video and motion analysis with eye tracking and virtual reality (VR). This combination of seniors and head-mounted displays is of particular interest from an economic and ergonomic point of view, as it can help to define suitable measures both on a technical and organisational level as well as on a personal level, especially in the context of workplace design, and can thus make a significant contribution to reducing stress.



The video and motion analysis within the Captiv Motion system can be used in research projects, for example, to evaluate manual workplaces and especially to check for economic and ergonomic improvement potential. This is a central goal, especially in operations management, and the CAPTIV system allows an integrated, digital analysis.

CAPTIV Motion L7000 from the French company TEAERGO is a state-of-the-art and flexible system for recording and analysing physiological measurements combined with video recording.
Inertial measurement sensors, such as those manufactured by TEAERGO, are wireless and are also known as T-Sens sensors. As part of movement and posture analyses, joint angles, angular velocities and accelerations of selected segments of the body are determined and angular values that occur during static postures, manual activities or even all kinds of load handling are closely examined. A large number of sensors allow biomechanical and physiological parameters to be measured simultaneously. The recorded values are transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to a data logger. The wireless sensors are simply attached by means of cuffs over or under the clothing and do not restrict freedom of movement at the workplace. In addition to recording the physiological data, a video recording is made synchronously so that the data can be synchronised afterwards. All images and measured values can be assigned to each other as desired and displayed synchronously so that the user can control and evaluate any measuring points or video sequences in real time. In addition to a long-term evaluation over a complete movement cycle, a focussed evaluation is also possible. At the end, several options are available for displaying the required results. CAPTIV also has powerful software for data evaluation. The included CAPTIV-L7000 Premier analysis software enables easy data acquisition, display and analysis with a perpetual licence.



Compared to other camera-based motion capturing systems available on the market, the CAPTIV system offers many advantages: 

  • Portable sensors, thus no spatial restrictions. 
  • Measurements can be taken outside the Digtal Transformation Lab, in any facility (the real world).
  • Movements can be tracked anywhere, independent of surrounding objects.
  • In contrast to light-sensitive IR-based systems, no limitation as tracking does not rely on video 
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • No equipment required
  • Wearable over normal and work clothing (also with exoskeletons, PPE, etc.) 
  • Less resource intensive (lab infrastructure and trained technician not required to set up system)
  • Seamless compatibility with multiple proprietary and third-party sensors, including video and eye trackers (all fully synchronised)
  • Powerful analytics with multiple display functions and data correlations
  • Detailed customisable results for ergonomics/HMI/posture and more.
  • Unique analysis capabilities in VR
  • Replay, raw data and analysis available immediately after recording and with just a few -clicks.

Further information

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