Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) refers to computer-generated, interactive realities. With the help of (3D) images and usually also sound, the user is simulated a realistic environment in which he or she appears to be physically present. In contrast to simple 3D worlds, known for example from films and video games, the user not only observes and, if necessary, manipulates people and avatars in this world, but becomes part of the virtual world himself.  
These interactive virtual worlds are usually transmitted either via large screens or in special rooms, so-called CAVEs (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), or, as in our case, via head-mounted displays known as VR glasses.  
Due to the many possibilities that modern VR technology brings with it, it is used in various areas: whether in education and training (e.g. flight or operation simulators), in marketing, in the dissemination of information or also in the field of entertainment (e.g. video games).