Prof. Dr. Astrid M. Fellner

Hauptseminar Performing Ethnicity, Performing Gender
Mittwoch, 10-12 Uhr

LSF: 104912
Aufbaumodul 2: Aktuelle Fragestellungen der Genderforschung

This course approaches performance not only as an object of study, but also as a method of research and a mode of analysis. Exploring the various intersections between theatrical production, ethnicity, and gender identity, we will read a broad range of contemporary American and Canadian plays and performances. Interrogating the shift between theater and performance, between textuality and embodiment, and between theory and practice, we will focus on key issues such as the construction of ethnicity, gender identities and gender norms, the politics of representation in theatrical performances and the ways in which identity and difference have shaped and continue to shape U.S.-American and Canadian cultures. Texts will include plays by David Henry Hwang, Cherríe Moraga, and Carmen Aguirre, and a performance by Monica Palacios.

Please buy the books by Hwang and Moraga in the following editions:
Hwang, David Henry. M. Butterfly. Central Books, 1995. ISBN: 9780822207122.
Moraga, Cherríe. Heroes and Saints and Other Plays. West End Press, 1994. ISBN: 9780931122743.

The other texts will be made available in form of a Reader.


Mag. Klaus Heissenberger

Cultural Studies II - North America: Media/ Images/ Difference: Exploring Visuality and Gender in the Media
Do, 04. Jan. 2018, 13-19 Uhr (C 5 3, 119)
Fr, 05. Jan. 2018, 10-13 Uhr (C 5 3, 119)
Fr, 12. Jan. 2018, 14-19 Uhr (C 5 3, 408)
Sa, 13. Jan. 2018, 9-13 Uhr (B 4 1, SAP, Room 0.02.1)
Fr, 02. Feb. 2018, 14-19 Uhr (C 5 3, 119)
Sa, 03. Feb. 2018, 9-13 Uhr (C 5 3, 119)

LSF: 106053

Aufbaumodul 2: Aktuelle Fragestellungen der Genderforschung

In this course, we will focus on visual media – mostly film, TV, music videos, and visual art – to investigate how these produce the meanings that their viewers find pleasurable, interesting, convincing, repulsive, compelling, etc.
We will explore concepts and theories about e.g. …
- Visuality, vision, watching, looking, ...
- Visuality and genre in film
- Visuality vs. narrative in film
- Visual language of film-making: framing, diegesis, shots, editing, etc.
- Gender: The (male?) gaze
- Other gazes: Plural differences
- Practices of looking: Similarities and differences across different media
- Gazes and looks in the new media
Examples in class will range from traditions of painting to classic Hollywood films to music videos. You will learn about and apply independently a selected range of critical theories & methods to analyze - or read critically - different forms and examples of visual media. You are invited to collect and present examples of your own choice in team presentations and discuss them with your colleagues. Specifically, you will examine the examples with regard to difference: What gender and sexual differences (and what ethnic, class or other differences) come into play in any given reading or interpretation? Our overall goal will be to investigate how different theoretical perspectives and approaches make possible different readings (and may exclude others) - and thus to see how difference and identity interact with media images.
Attendance, team presentations, discussions, readings, a final written essay and/or exam and/or video/media production incl. analysis.

Zertifikat "Gender Studies"

Seit dem WS 2016/17 können Studierende der UdS ein Zertifkat "Gender Studies" erwerben.

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