Costs and funding

How much will studying at Saarland University cost me and how can I finance my studies?

The academic study programmes offered at Saarland University are state funded. Tuition fees are therefore not charged for first degree courses (i.e. for all Bachelor's programmes and for the Staatsexamen programmes studied by students wishing to qualify as teachers or to practice certain professions such as law or medicine). There are also no tuition fees for consecutive Master's programmes, which are Master's degree programmes that build on the content acquired in a Bachelor's degree in the same or related field. However, fees are charged for continuing education Master's programmes.

All students pay a semester fee, which includes the semester travel ticket that covers local bus and train travel. You'll find the amount of the semester fee on the web page Semester fees.

Students in Saarbrücken should expect to have additional living expenses of around €800 per month though this figure will obviously vary depending on where and how you live.

Information on the various options for financing your studies is available on the Welcome Center website.