Numerical Laboratory in Computerized Tomography - SS24

Summer Semester 2024

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schuster

Lecture times: Tuesday 10-12, Thursday 14-16
Lecture venue: HS IV, Building E2.4
Start: Tuesday, April 16th 2024

Please register for the lecture via  eMail (including your full name and your matriculation number) by Friday April 12th if you want to participate. Please do so at your earliest convenience such that we are able to plan lecture and tutorials appropriately.

The course will be held in English; in case all participants speak German, the lectures will be in German.


In the lecture the mathematical models for different types of computerized tomography will be presented. These models are the basis for the development of numerical solution methods, which ultimately lead to imaging procedures. The goal of the lecture is the implementation of numerical solution algorithms in the field of computed tomography.

The first half of the lecture takes place in a 4 lecture hours + 2 tutorial hours rhythm and presents the most important mathematical basics of tomographic methods. In the second half, numerical solution methods for tomographic problems will be implemented in supervised group work and will therefore take place in a 2 lecture hours + 4 tutorial hours rhythm.
Requirement: Bring your laptops with pre-installed MATLAB!

This course can be taken either as a lecture or as an ungraded internship. Successful participants receive 9 ECTS points for the lecture and 12 ECTS points for the internship. In any case, a presentation about the results of the group work must be held and an exam must be taken and passed at the end of the lecture. The final grade for the 9-ECTS certificate is then averaged from the grade of the exam and the grade of the presentation. If the course is to count as an internship, a written elaboration on the contents of the course must also be prepared.


In the first half of the semester there will be theoretical tasks to deepen the lecture contents.
From the second half of the semester onwards, only practical tasks will be required. For this purpose, the Tuesday lecture 10-12 will be converted into another exercise date.
The practical group work can be done in groups of two people.

The first exercise will take place on Wednesday April 24th, 12-14, in Room 4.12, E1.1.


The practical exercises start on 5th June. For these you should bring your laptop with MATLAB installed.


Relevant literature is available in the library ("Semesterapparat").

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If you have any questions, please contact Lukas Vierus via eMail.