'Writing at the border' (Writing week in the monastery)

SupplierDr. Barbara Wolf/Carmen Neis, M.A.
Target groupDoctoral students of all faculties
Datescheduled for september 2022
For further information about procedure and costsE-Mail to Writing at the border

subject matter

One-week retreat to the Franciscan monastery of Neukirchen b. Hl. Blut in the border region to the Czech Republic. The change of location and environment allows the participants to concentrate on their writing without external disturbances and distractions. Regular daily routines, which are based on the monastic 'hores', provide structure and continuity. The (optional) offers include morning and evening relaxed discussion circles, individual writing advice, topic-oriented meetings, relaxation workshops (e.g. meditation, yoga). More information on schedule & costs at:  Writing at the border



Please note that a financial contribution is required of the attendees. For further information please contact Schreiben an der Grenze