SIM student portal

After your enrolment is processed you will get access to the SIM student portal, which offers different functions than the SIM application portal. To access this new portal, you must first download your identification letter and change the master password specified there.

With your HIZ-ID and your changed master password, you can, among other things, now log into the SIM student portal.
From now on, please only use this student account to log in to the various portals of Saarland University, as you can only access all functions for enrolled students with this student identification.

During your studies, the SIM student portal will offer you the possibility to independently download various certificates. When accessing any certificate, you can either print it or download and save it.

The following certificates are available to you. Click on the document to see a sample certificate.

Proof of enrolment. If you change the language of your SIM student portal to English, you can download an English version of this certificate.

Study progress certificate (for submission to the pension fund)

Proof of payment (for submission to the tax office)

BAföG certificate (to be presented when applying for BAföG)

Exmatriculation certificate. Please note that this certificate is only available for a maximum of 4 weeks after your exmatriculation, as your student account will be deactivated after that.

Proof of leave of absence, if applicable

In addition, you have the possibility to verify and update your contact information in the SIM student portal. Please make sure to keep your postal and e-mail address up to date. You can updat the information by clicking on "My personal details".

If you cannot find the  answer to your questions on these help pages or in the FAQ, you can get in touch with us via the

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If you have any further questions, please read our

Frequently asked questions about the SIM portal