Status updates on the application tiles

The most important status update in the SIM portal:

"to be verified"

The application or enrolment request that you submitted is currently being processed. This can in some cases take several weeks. If the application is approved or if documents are missing, this status will change and you will also receive an email. Please refrain from asking questions about the status until you see a change of this status, to avoid slowing the process down.

Other available status updates


You have created an application or enrolment request, but you have not submitted it yet.


You have submitted your application for admission. You will usually not receive any further feedback until the application deadline has passed. As a next step, your application will participate in the admission procedure. You will receive a result at the end of the admission procedure. A decision is then made available to you for download in the SIM portal and you will also receive an e-mail.

"Request for additional documents issued"

Documents are missing for the final processing of your application. Please upload the missing documents in the portal before the specified application deadline. To do so, please navigate to the "Documents" tab in your application and upload the marked documents there.

"Admission Offered"

Based on your application for admission, you have received an offer of admission. You still have to accept this offer within the period communicated in the notice in the portal and then submit your request for enrolment. To do this, open your application again in the SIM portal and follow the instructions in the pop-up window.


Your application for admission has been rejected. Open your application again and navigate to the "Documents" tab. You can now download the rejection letter.

"Place accepted. Enrol now"

You have accepted the offer of admission in due time. In order to become a student at Saarland University, you still have to submit a request for enrolment in the portal in due time. Important: The mere acceptance of the offer of admission is not sufficient for enrolment at Saarland University. The offer of admission will expire after the enrolment deadline, since only the enrolment request submitted on time declares the final acceptance of the study place that you were offered.

"Valid" or "Approved"

As soon as the Admissions Office has checked your enrolment request, and if everything was complete, the application will change to "Valid" or "approved". At this point, the enrolment system is only waiting for the semester fee to be received. Once the semester fee has been received, your enrolment is complete and you will be able to download your university credentials ("Kennungsschreiben").

"Withdrawn/Registration Withdrawn"

You have withdrawn your application for admission or enrolment request.

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