Submitting an application or an enrolment request

On these pages you will find information on how to use the SIM portal to submit an application or an enrolment request.

Please be sure to inform yourself in advance and learn whether your desired course of study uses the SIM portal for an application or enrolment request. Information on this and on the application submission deadlines can be found on the website for all programs. Please select your desired degree program or subject and you will find the required information in the section "Application (Bewerbung)"

How do I submit an application or a request for enrolment?

The application or enrolment for a degree program is done in the following steps:

  1. Registering an account (if necessary) and logging in to the SIM portal.
  2. Selection of the appropriate action tile in the admission portal
  3. Completing the subsequent online questionnaire and uploading the requested documents
  4. Submitting the online application within the deadline specified for the study program
  5. Status updates can be found on the application tiles in your application account. They provide information about the progress of your application or enrolment request.

After that, the process splits depending on the program that you have chosen:

In the case of an application for admission (e.g. for an admission-restricted bachelor's and teaching degree program or for a master's degree program), you will receive a message at your e-mail address as soon as a decision has been received for your admission application. The admission letter will provide an overview of the next steps that you need to complete. To enroll in the program, you must first accept this admission offer and complete the subsequent online enrolment. This is also done online in the SIM portal by filling out an online questionnaire and uploading the required documents.

In the case of an enrolment (e.g. for an admission-free bachelor's degree program or a master's degree program that you have applied for outside the SIM portal), you will be enrolled directly in the corresponding degree program after you have submitted the complete online enrolment request and have uploaded the necessary documents before the deadline.

What happens after the enrolment?

  1. Once the enrolment has been processed by Saarland University, your identification letter (e-mail, HIZ ID, master password) will be made available to you asn an uploaded document in the SIM application portal. Open your application and click on the "Documents" tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the item "my notifications " you can now download your HIZ-ID.
  2. After downloading your Identification letter, you do not need to continue using the SIM application portal and your application account from your registration in the SIM application portal is now also no longer relevant.

  3. Please only use the SIM student portal from now on. You can access it with your HIZ ID and your personal password.

  4. You can now start organizing your upcoming semester.

  5. After the enrolment, you will receive your  student card. If you provided a German, French, Luxembourgish or Swiss address during enrolment, the card will be sent to this address by post. If you provided an address outside of these countries, you will be notified by email once your enrolment has been completed and you will then receive further information on where and when you can pick up your card. For all information about the functions of your student card, please refer to the student card information.


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