Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation, Gutachten, etc.

Checklist before you ask me to write a letter of recommendation, a Gutachten, etc.:

  1. Have you taken at least two of my classes in which performance was graded, i.e., a lecture or a language class with an associated module test? In other words, do I know you, and do your past performances warrant a glowing or at least favorable recommendation? I am generally not willing to write letters for those who have only been in one or two classes with me, especially if those were simple Übungen, but we can talk about it first.
  2. Do you have detailed information about the program for which you are applying, e.g., names and addresses of the letter’s recipient(s), the type of recommendation to be written, URL(s), application forms, etc.? Do you have a description of the position you are applying for?
  3. Do you have detailed information about yourself (your own CV or resume, a transcript of records, statement of purpose / cover letter, etc.) that I can use to write the recommendation?
  4. Are you asking me at least three weeks before the due date? (If the letter/Gutachten is to be written in German, you should be giving me even more time.)

If you can answer "yes" to all or most of these questions, you may ask me to write a letter in support of your application, and I will at least consider taking on the responsibility.


Thank you.