Information for Incoming ERASMUS Students

Information for Incoming ERASMUS Students

  • Should you be interested in our course directory, follow the link to the LSF system (online course catalog and registration system). You can find our courses using the search function or by clicking on "Philosophische Fakulät P" and then on "Anglistik, Amerikanistik, und Anglophone Kulturen".
  • This document will help you understand the types of courses we offer and how many credit points you will get for which course.
  • All incoming ERASMUS students will receive an ECTS Certificate at the end of the semester with the German grade and the equivalent ECTS grade. Please notify your instructors as soon as possible that you need such a special certificate. They will tell you whether there are special requirements you must satisfy in order to successfully complete the class and earn credit points.


Departmental Erasmus Coordinator

Heike Mißler


Bldg. A5.3, Room 103

Phone: +49 302 2059

Office hours click here.

Info Event for Incoming Erasmus Students (winter term 2019/20)

A Very Short Introduction to Studying English at Saarland University

Mon Oct 14th, 4:00 pm

Blgd B4 1, Room 0.02.1