Online Teachers' Day registration

Online registration will be possible starting on Friday, the 23rd of June, 2017. Please note that participants must register by late in the evening on the 13th of September, 2017.


You must attend the presentation and two workshops to receive a certificate!

Direct link to the Teachers' Day moodle course

For those of you ("power users") who already have an LPM moodle account and are logged in, click on this direct link to the moodle course.


The Teachers' Day registration system we used for several years became less than reliable and too difficult to maintain. Since the 2015 event, we have been using Moodle for Teachers' Day workshop registration and materials. Here is what this means for you, the participant.


  • We are using the Saarland's school moodle system, so it should be familiar to many of you—it is run by the Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien (LPM).
  • For those of you who do not yet have a login and password for the LPM moodle system, please obtain them now via this link. You will have to confirm your registration via E-Mail. As is the case with any Internet platform of this kind, PLEASE make sure you save your login and password!
  • Once you have a login and password and can log in to the LPM moodle system, please register for the "Teachers' Day, UdS, Dept. of English" moodle course.

    • You can do this by going to the LPM moodle home page and finding Teachers' Day via the Course categories "Verschiedenes" > "Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Anglophone Kulturen" > "Teachers' Day, UdS, Dept. of English"
    • OR… You can also find the Teachers' Day moodle course by simply following this URL: Teachers' Day, UdS, Dept. of English. (Please log in to the moodle system before you follow this link.)

  • You will be asked to enter an "enrollment key" to register for the course—you will need it only once. The enrollment key is "udsteachersday"
  • Once you are in the Teachers' Day moodle course, follow the directions for workshop registration.

    • Remember that the term "registration" is used in a couple of ways here. You need to register for the Teachers' Day moodle course, a one-time thing, and you need to register for workshops for the current year's event. For the latter meaning, a restricted reg. period of time will be announced on these pages.

  • We hope that Teachers' Day participants will simply remain registered in the TD moodle course--regardless of whether they are planning to attend the event in a given year--for, well, decades. That would make registration that much simpler for participants (i.e., they would not have to do anything), and the organizing team would have an easy way to contact those who have been to TD at least once.


If you have questions, please direct them to the Teachers' Day Team.