Lehrveranstaltungen WS 2012/13

Lehrveranstaltungen im WS 2012/13




Prof. Dr. Astrid M. Fellner, gem. mit Jennifer Moos, M.A.

VL: Stars & Stripes & Gender Gaps: Theorizing Sex, Gender, and Desire in North America

Di, 12-1 h, B4.1, HS 0.23

This course introduces students to the study of American_Gender Studies. Both American Studies and Gender Studies are interdisciplinary research areas that have many overlaps, yet are hardly ever studied together. This lecture attempts to fill the gender(ed) gaps in American Studies and tries to highlight the Americanness of recent Gender theories. By engaging the prevailing theoretical approaches of Gender Studies to the study of American literatures and cultures, this course focuses upon gender identity and gendered representation as central categories of analysis.

Using a variety of 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century American materials, the course is arranged in clusters that each address different topics in American_Gender Studies, such as e.g. different generations of feminism(s), queer theory, sexed and gendered bodies, as well as bodily performances and 'the sexing' of the social. This lecture will also host a series of guest speakers who will share their expertise on influential theorists in the fields of gender and queer studies, e.g. Judith Butler, Lee Edelman, and Donna Haraway. 


Prof. Dr. Astrid M. Fellner

HS: Marlboro Men and California Gurls: Popular Culture and the Technologies of Gender

Do, 10-12h, C5.3, Raum 1.20

This course explores popular cultural 'makings' of masculinity, femininity, and sexuality through typical representations of gender within popular culture. Investigating diverse cultural forms such as TV series, film, and music videos, this course will look into the ways in which gendered and sexual identities are shaped by, and in turn shape, popular understandings of gender. In particular, we will analyze how such critical factors as ethnicity, race, gender, class, age, region, and sexuality are constructed in popular culture. In our analyses we will focus on the TV series Desperate Housewives, The L-Word, Ugly Betty, the movies Thelma and Louise and Brokeback Mountain, and the music videos of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.