Workshop "Communicating Science"

The relevance of science communication has increased rapidly, and many funding agencies now expect researchers to not only explain their science to peers, but also to audiences outside of science and academia. At the same time, there is almost no initiative to teach scientists the required skills, so they are left with questions such as: How and where can I talk about my science to a general audience? What happens if I do it wrong? And, maybe most importantly: Is science communication just an additional demand on my already busy schedule, or could I actually benefit from it? This workshop will discuss these and other questions and will provide participants with hands-on skills and ideas to convey their methods and their results to the public.

Date: Friday, 12th May 2023 (9.00-17 hrs.)
Venue: Room "Gerstner" in the ground floor of Science Park 2 (building D1 2)


Dr. Jens Foell used to do neuroimaging research in Germany and Florida. Currently he works as an editor and advisor for science communication programs on TV (Maithink X, Terra X) and YouTube (MaiLab). He also teaches science communication for the non-profit organization NaWik.