Forschung / Research

Research Interests

  • I have been leading large scale research efforts (at DFKI, the University of Saarland, CNGL, NCLT, Dublin City University) on the development and integration of language technologies in multi-lingual applications.
  • I have been working on machine translation, automatic treebank-based, deep grammar acquisition, statistical parsing and generation, statistical error detection, finite state morphology, computer-assisted language learning and formal semantics.
  • I have served as local Principal Investigator for a number of EU projects on Machine Translation including EuroMatrixPlus, META-NET, Panacea, CoSyne, QTLaunchPad, EXPERT, LT-Web, MLI, Falcon and EXPERT.
  • I am currently the overall coordinator for the EU H2020  Research and Development Project QT21 and the ELRC (European Language Resource Coordination) effort under the SMART 2013 programme.