Iden lab news

New paper on patterning of resident cell types in murine tail skin

Susi's beautiful data out in Development: Lrig1 and Wnt dependent niches dictate segregation of resident immune cells and melanocytes in murine tail epidermis



Welcome Carole!

Dr. Carole Luthold joined our team to work on our SFB 1027 project - great to have you here!


Collaborative paper on Par3A and Par3B in kidney

Happy to see the work by our collaborators Sybille Köhler and Paul Brinkkötter out, demonstrating that combined loss of Par3A and Par3B in mouse podocytes causes severe kidney disease, whereas single loss of either Par3 isoform is tolerated. Congrats, Sybille and Paul & Co., also for some meticulous rescue assays in Drosophila nephrocytes, and thanks for this great collaboration.


New team member

Verena Nett joined us for her project module and Master thesis - welcome!


New team member

We are happy that Sabrina Cappello joined us as new postdoc - welcome!


Orchestration of tissue-scale mechanics and fate decisions by polarity signalling

 Dias Gomes & Iden, new review article! EMBO J (2021) e106787


Congratulations, Dr. Graband!

Annika delivered an excellent PhD examination - congratulations - and all the best for your next endeavours!


Congratulations to Martim - EMBO Long-term fellowship!

We are very happy for Martim Dias Gomes, who was awarded an EMBO Long-term fellowship for his next adventures in the lab of Guillaume Charras at UCL! Proud of you & wishing you lots of success!


Review article on melanocyte polarity and differentiation

Li, Knapp & Iden, Current Opinion Cell Biology 2020


Dr. Carvalho Fernandes Dias Gomes!

Martim passed his PhD thesis exam with distinction. Big congrats & well deserved!! (PhD #7)


Dr. Knapp!

Sina delivered a great virtual PhD defense on her pigment cell research - very well done & congratulations, Dr. Knapp! (PhD #6)


new technician

Nina joined us as technician to support our new lab in Homburg (slowly and with lots of restrictions we have opened the lab, finally :) )


new preprint

Sina's work just out: Polarity proteins promote skin pigmentation through melanin synthesis pathway. Check out in bioRxiv:


new PhD student

Ann-Kathrin Burkhart joined us as new PhD student. Due to Corona situation, she started off with home office, but we hope to all come together very soon at the Homburg campus. Welcome Ann-Kathrin!


new postdoc

We are happy that Dr. Mengnan Li, formerly MPI Bad Nauheim/Nakayama lab, joined us as first postdoc of the lab at UdS. Welcome Mengnan!


Iden lab 2.0 @UdS

Official start of the Iden lab at Saarland University, Faculty of Medicine - new Institute for Cell & Developmental Biology - Saarland here we come! Looking forward to new adventures, colleagues & collaborations! (Iden lab 1.0 is still buzzing for a while in Cologne...)