We make and study compounds and materials at the interface of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry.

We love unusual electronic structures and use them in photochemistry and functional group transfer.

Open Positions: Contact Dominik if you are excited and have the right background to push electrons with us.

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11/2021: Dominik presents @Georg August Universität Göttingen (Inorganic Seminar).  Thanks for the invititation and warm welcome, thanks for inspiration & suggestions. Super-happy to have eventually had again "in person" scientific exchange.

10/2021: Happy-Nette defends her PhD in Erlangen.  We wish you and your family only the best.  And: We are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/2021: Dominik presents @Fulbright Cotrell Workshop about some teaching ideas. Great to connect with the crowd again (and get to know new Junior PIs), see you hopefully next year in person (in Saarbrücken???)

10/2021: Juli's, Manoj's & Stephen paper on Wanzlick's equilibrium aka "how to isolate carbenes hitherto believed to dimerize instantaneously" aka "may triaminoolefins dissociate into carbenes?" is accepted in Org. Chem. Front.. Congratulations all!Good job - Essentially accepted as is, something Dominik was not yet familiar with...

09/2021: Happy day: Two papers accepted! One in JACS by Sadig Aghazada, former postdoc with K. Meyer, now with C. Copéret. And Quentin's contribution to Grégoire Sieg's (with G. Werncke) work on ketyl/aldiminyl complexes of 3d complexes, to be published in IC. Congratulations all!

09/2021: Dominik presents the Dream Lecture @ the Institute for Physical Chemistry, Polish Acadamy of Science.  Thank you Adam for the invitation, looking forward to meeting you soon

09/2021: Our joint publication with AKs Hohloch & Daumann on mesoionic carbenes in vanadium chemistry has been accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry.  Great team effort, looking forward for more to come...

09/2021: Dominik presents Annette's work and Wissenschaftsforum (WiFo 2021).  Nice to connect with the colleagues, even if only virtually. 

08/2021: Dominik, Juli and Dajana organize a High-School day ("Probestudium").  Great Efforts, great work, much fun!  Hopefully, we will see many of you next year again at Saarland University.  Thanks goes also to Oliver Janka (AK Kickelbick), Günther Thiele (FU Berlin) and, of course, PCDC (Chris Kay & David Schaaf).

08/2021: We welcome Bhupendra, previously with AKRoesky @KIT, to the group.  We are very happy to have you here, wish you all the best, fun & success, and are looking forward for exciting chemistry with excited molecules!

08/2021: Various papers are accepted.  These are Juli's and Pier's work on a lead(II) toluene complex, Annette's and Anjana's review on late transition metal imidos (including superb calculations!) and Franziska's (AK Inoue, TUM) work on a Si-Au-Fe heterobimetallic.  Congratulations all!

07/2021: Annette leaves the group after four exciting and extraordinary productive years to work as a consultant for EPEA in beautiful Hamburg.  Our heartiest congratulations!  It has been a privilege and honor working with you! We wish you only the best, happiness and - of course - all success with making our industry/economy more efficient & sustainable!

06/2021: MD presents @Anorganisches Seminar in Stuttgart.  Happy to eventually having had a talk with W. Kaim, whose work has been quite influential on our interests.  Also many thanks to Bipro Sarkar for the invite and Mark Ringenberg for the organization.  See you soon!

06/2021: MD presents about our palladium chemistry and some of our work on radicals in the Organic Seminar @SFB848 in Münster.  Thank you for having me, thanks for exciting talks, thanks Manuel for the invite, see you (hopefully) soon again in person.

06/2021: Dajana starts her Master thesis and will try to find novel N-atom transfer reactions.  We are extraordinary happy (and fortunate!) to have you join the group & wish you all the best!

06/2021: MD (eventually) presents his habilitation lecture @FAU.  Happy to be allowed to put the work of the last 4 years together in the appropriate context!

05/2021: Our concept article on vicinal zwitterions for single-atom transfer, bond activation, switching and sensing, and (of course) photochemistry eventually appeared with Nature Rev. Chem.  A lot of ideas to materialize in the next years (decades?).

05/2021: Non-covalent interactions: Juli's & Pier's lead(II) toluene complex has been accepted for publication in the NHC special issue of Mendeleev Communications organized by V. P. Ananikov.  Congratulations to the authors, thanks for the invite!

04/2021: MD presents Annette's work @LIKAT in Rostock.  Thank you for having me, thanks for very helpful suggestions!

04/2021:  We welcome Anjana to the lab.  Anjana is fascinated by (formally) multiple bonded complexes.  We are very happy to have you here & wish you a happy & productive time!

04/2021: Pier accepted a position with novaled, developing for us the next generation of OLEDs & organic electronic materials.  Our heartiest congratulations for this great achievement! 

04/2021:  Pier's manuscript on bright luminescent s-block (sic!) complexes has been accepted in Chemical Science.  Our congrats for thought-provoking work in collaboration with the Guldi group in Erlangen & the Hohloch lab in Innsbruck.

04/2021:  Mao's paper on a cobalt(IV) imido (nitrene?) with a truly remarkabel electronic structure is accepted in ACIE. 

03/2021: Dominik presents online @ Katalytikertagung Weimar (10 min after firealarm, in lobby of next building).  Insightful meeting, truly exciting talk with prior intense adrenalin rush.

03/2021: Nicola, like Pier from Università di Padova (coincidence?), joins the group to finish his master thesis together with Andrea Biffis in organometallic chemistry.  Welcome!  We wish you a splendid time in Saarbruecken.

03/2021: Pier leaves the group to get into "real business".  It was great having you, we will miss you.  We wish you all the best in the future and that all your dreams will come true!!!

02/2021: Dominik presents some of our recent work @MichiganStateUniversity.  Grateful for inspiring conversations!

02/2021: Cedric Kloos joins the team for research on low-coordinate- and -covalent organometallics.  We are happy to have you with us and are impressed by your motivation!

02/2021: Our joint work with Sadig Aghazada (Karsten Meyer @FAU) on a transient CN2 ligand attached to cobalt has been accepted in ACIE.  Congratulations Sadig, excellent work, even without trapping the CN2!

02/2021: We welcome Manoj and Quentin to the group!  We are very happy to have you here and excited about the future.  Wishing you "magic" hands in the laboratory getting these crystals!

12/2020: Our joint review with the Guldi group @FAU Erlangen on unconventional Singlet Fission molecules is accepted in Chem. Soc. Rev.. Stay tuned for a long and truly exciting read.

11/2020: Dajana and Philipp start with their "Vertiefungspraktikum" on multiple bonded transition metal complexes and trying to rethink Wanzlick's equilibrium.  Welcome to the group, good luck & much fun!

11/2020: Pier's computational work on photochemistry with cumulenes and Möbius aromaticity is accepted in J. Phys. Chem. .  Our first contribution to a physical chemistry journal, dedicated to Josef Michl ("Josef Michl Festschrift"). Happy!

9/2020: We receive a Starting Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). What an achievement of the group! Dominik is overwhelmed and takes some time off to come down.

8/2020: The Bioinorganic aka Coordination Chemistry Praktikum starts.  Good job by Annette & Juli installing the boxes within only two days...

8/2020: Our brand-new gloveboxes from MBraun finally arrive and work perfectly. In love...

8/2020: Annette's work on water splitting is accepted in ACIE.  Time to celebrate.

7/2020: Munz group arrives @Saarland.  We are impressed by the friendliness of people here - will take some time to get used to ;)

7/2020: Munz group goes online @Saarland.  Excited & exciting times ahead!

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