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Amélie Luise Godeau, Marco Leoni, Jordi Comelles, Tristan Guyomar, Michele Lieb, Hélène Delanoë-Ayari, Albrecht Ott, Sebastien Harlepp, Pierre Sens, Daniel Riveline

3D single cell migration driven by temporal correlation between oscillating force dipoles
eLife, 11 (2022) e71032



M. Schenkelberger, C. Trapp, T. Mai, V. Giri, M. Mohammadi-Kambs, A. Ott

Ultrahigh molecular recognition specificity of competing DNA oligonucleotide strands in thermal equilibrium: a cooperative transition to order
New Journal of Physics 23, 043044 (2021) 1-22.

N. Khangholi , M. Finkler , R. Seemann, A. Ott, J.-B. Fleury

Photoactivation of Cell-Free expressed Archaerhodopsin-3 in a Model Cell Membrane
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 22, 11981 (2021) 1-8.
† geteilte Erstautorenschaft

D. A. D. Flormann, C. Anton, M. O. Pohland, Y. Bautz, K. Kaub, E. Terriac, T. E. Schäffer, J. Rheinlaender, A. Janshoff, A. Ott, F. Lautenschlaeger

Oscillatory microrheology, creep compliance and stress relaxation of biological cells reveal strong correlations as probed by atomic force microscopy
Frontiers in Physics-Biophysics 9, 711860 (2021) 1-12.

M. Finkler, S. Ravanbodshirazi, F. Grimm, P. Hartz, A. Ott.  

Full incorporation of the noncanonical amino acid hydroxylysine as a surrogate for lysine in green fluorescent protein.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 41, 116207 (2021) 1–6. 

E. G. Worst †, M. Finkler †, M. Schenkelberger, Ö. Kurt, V. Helms, V. Noireaux, A. Ott.  

A Methylation-Directed, Synthetic Pap Switch Based on Self-Complementary Regulatory DNA Reconstituted in an All E. coli Cell-Free Expression System.
ACS Synth. Biol. 10 (2021) 2725–2739.
† Geteilte Erstautorenschaft



M. Finkler, Ö. Kurt, F. Grimm, P. Hartz, A. Ott

A bead-based method for the removal of the amino acid lysine from cell-free transcription-translation systems. 
Journal of Biotechnology 324S, 100024 (2020) 1-6.


M. Mohammadi-Kambs, A. Ott

DNA oligomer binding in competition exhibits cooperativity
New J. Physics 483 (2019) 113027

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A comparison of methods to assess cell mechanical properties
Nature Methods 15 (2018) 491


M. Sander, H. Dobicki, A. Ott

Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Rheology of Living Fibroblasts: Path-Dependent Steady States
Biophysical Journal 113 (7) (2017) 1561-1573

M. Schenkelberger, S. Shanak, M. Finkler, E. G. Worst, V. Noireaux, V. Helms and A. Ott

Expression regulation by a methyl-CpG binding domain in an E. coli based, cell-free TX-TL system
Phys. Biol. 14 (2) (2017) 1478-3975

M. Mohammadi-Kambs, K. Hölz, M. M. Somoza and A. Ott

Hamming Distance as a Concept in DNA Molecular Recognition
ACS Omega 2 (4) (2017) 1302-1308


S. Scherer, E. Wollrab, L. Codutti, T. Carlomagno, SG. da Costa, A. Volkmer, A. Bronja, OJ. Schmitz and A. Ott

Chemical Analysis of a "Miller-Type" Complex Prebiotic Broth
Part 2: Gas, Oil, Water and the Oil/Water-Interface.
Orig. Life Evol. Biosph. 46 (2-3) (2016) 149-69

E.G. Worst, P. Zimmer, E. Wollrab, K. Kruse and A. Ott

Unbounded growth patterns of reproducing, competing polymers - similarities to biological evolution
New Journal of Physics 18 (2016) 1003003

M.R.Shaebani, A. Pasula, A. Ott and L. Santen

Tracking of plus-ends reveals microtubule functional diversity in different cell types
Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 30285

H. Bokkasam and A. Ott

Information Limited Oligonucleotide Amplification Assay for Affinity-Based, Parallel Detection Studies
PloS ONE Vol. 11(3) (2016) e0151072

E.G. Worst, M.P. Exner, A. De Simone, M. Schenkelberger, V. Noireaux, N. Budisa and A. Ott

Residue-specific incorporation of noncanonical amino acids into model proteins using an Escherichia coli cell-free transcription-translation system
J. Vis. Exp. 114 (2016) 54273


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