Road to Start-up

The "BioTech - Road to Start-Up " is a structured three-part study concept that provides aspiring founders with the necessary skills to successfully implement their start-up ideas. This road begins with the basic course "BioTech-Entrepreneuership", in which students are encouraged to develop innovative BioTech ideas.

This course is followed by a study project in which the start-up concepts are subjected to critical review. Here, the ideas are further elaborated and made "pitch-ready" to convince potential investors and partners.

The final step in the study concept is the master's thesis, in which students research a problem of their choice in the start-up field or their specific problem area. This thesis forms the theoretical basis for the future start-up.

The long-term goal of this program is for graduates to leave with a Master's degree after the "Road to Start-Up" and be able to fully focus on creating their start-up. They will then be able to successfully turn their ideas into reality by utilizing the resources and expertise of the "Triathlon" start-up department.

The study concept offers a unique opportunity for aspiring founders to sharpen their skills and build a solid foundation for their future business ventures.