What: Research Topics

The social psychology lab conducts research in several different areas of social psychology. Most of our current work is situated in the domains of self-control and self-regulation, close relationships and sexuality, and negotiations. Other lines of research are concerned with meta-scientific perspectives on psychological research Earlier work was concerned with implicit cognition. On the following pages, we provide brief glances on some of these lines of research.

How: Open Science

Our lab is committed to the values of open and transparent science. We feel that recent developments in psychology can go a long way to improve the reproducibility and replicability of psychological research. In particular, we pre-register almost all of our current research. In addition, we provide the materials, analysis code, and data of our empirical studies. In our teaching, we strive to convey the values of open and transparent science to our students. Students pre-register their Bachelor and Master theses with the supervisor. Although adopting an open and transparent work flow is an ongoing process, we feel that our research has already profited greatly by implementing these.